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What is a Self-Balancing Hoverboard?

You might heard or seen this two-wheeled futuristic looking gadget on your street, I personally thought that is was the exact hoverboard Marty Mcfly used in the Back to the Future movies. Some people may also get confused, thinking this is variant of a Segway or a handle-less electric scooter.

Let us introduce you to the "Self-Balancing Hoverboard" a viral piece of hot technology that is surging in popularity today!  These Hoverboards have been widespread due to the prevalence of teen stars sporting them, talk show hosts featuring them, and multiple guest sitcom appearances. 

This Hoverboard uses advance wheels sensors and a gyroscope to assist the user in operating the board.  The main wonder here are the pressure pads located directly below the hoverboards footrest- this detects your foot movement so the board knows exactly how you want it to behave - and here I thought it was reading my mind!


A full charge of this machine will give you 2-3 hours of riding fun which translates to roughly around 15 miles.  Be sure to have your helmet and knee pads ready if this is your first time riding the self balancing Hoverboard as this is like learning to ride the bike all over again, though learning this takes less time.  You will have more fun, fall less, and not stumble around!


If you’re looking for more outdoor fun activity and you are a technology junkie this new toy might be the perfect gift for yourself or for your love ones this coming holiday season!

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