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Electric Skateboards Are The Future!

Skateboarders are the cool kids on the block, but constant pushing and balancing can get pretty tiresome.  Skateboarding is more of a workout than fans give it credit for, but a new innovation in skateboarding technology will have even beginners begging to try out an electric skateboard.


What is an electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard is basically a motorized version of the classic design, but there's more to it than meets the eye.  Electric skateboards have been around for a few years now.  They are becoming quite popular with the tech trend crowd, but bystanders are still in the dark about why anyone would choose an electric skateboard over a classic model.  After all, what's the fun in skateboarding if you don't do the push work yourself?


Reach speeds you couldn't before!


Electric skateboards use a power motor that can reach speeds up to 25 mph, which is pretty fast for a human to go.  Classic skateboards might reach that speed going downhill, but uphill is another story.  With electric skateboards, you let the motor do the work for you. Don't worry; you'll still get a workout.  Balancing on a skateboard takes a certain amount of skill, but you can feel the freedom of sailing through the streets on a tiny set of wheels no matter which direction you're going.


It's a skateboard with brakes!

We bet you've wished you had brakes on a skateboard, but now you can!  Electric skateboards have a powerful brake system. It won't stop you on a dime, but it sure beats using your feet.  The acceleration and brake system can be controlled via a wired or wireless controller, though most prefer the wired version to prevent interference from other electric signals.  The brake system not only helps you stop and go whenever you choose, but it could very well save your life if you lose control of your roll.


Customize your ride!

There are several models of electric skateboards available, and each have their distinct advantages.  Lighter models will allow for a smoother, faster ride, but there won't be adequate room in the design for a quality battery.  Heavier models, on the other hand, have a large enough battery, but they're bulkier and more difficult to steer.  There are many models that fall in between that have a good balance, but it's up to you what you want out of your electric skateboard.  There's one for everyone, so browse the various model choices until you find the right fit.

Be trendy!

There's definitely a cool factor to riding an electric skateboard.  After all, who wouldn't pay attention to a self-propelled skateboarder?  It's like a magic trick.  With the power of a motorized skateboard, you can go faster and do tricks you couldn't get the height for before.  You can cruise the streets on a smoother, safer ride that makes you look like you're a professional.  As more and more electric skateboards become available, you'll have already well-established yourself as a trendsetter, so hurry up and get one before the others do!



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