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Electric Bikes- The Future Mode Of Transportation?

Electric bikes are an alternative to standard bikes and motorcycles.  They provide transportation from one place to another.  Since they are similar to a regular bike, you can ride them anywhere.  The advantage is that you can rest while riding an electric bike. It will do all the work for you.  You won't have to get off the bike and push it up a hill.  The motor on the electric bike is powerful enough to propel you up a steep hill quickly!

Most electric bikes use a battery to generate power.  Some electric bikes have an automatic shut off that stops the motor from discharging the battery completely.  If the battery is completely discharged, its lifespan is reduced significantly.

There are a couple of battery options, including the 10Ah standard battery and the 12.5 Ah battery.

An adequate motor for climbing hills and accelerating is 750 watts.  20 mph at 750 watts is the limit for road use.  Anything above 750 watts has to be used off-road.  This is the Federal road speed limit for electric bikes.

Example Motors

The Striker motor and Thunderbolt motor are two types of motors in electric bikes. The Striker motor has the most torque and speed.  It propels the bike at a speed of 18 mph at 750 watts.   The Thunderbolt motor is less powerful, but adequate for most riding adventures.  It can propel a bike 20 mph at 750 watts.  Both of these motors have higher voltages and higher speeds.

The fastest motor available is Black Lighting; it has a top speed of 40 mph at 2,000 watts!


The 2015 HPC Cruiser is an ideal electric bike.  It features a 2A charger, half twist throttle, a HPC brushless and gearless DC direct drive motor, and a HPC Li-NMC battery. There's a brushless DC controller with 11g of sliver plated phase wires.  It is available in three sizes, three different power systems, and several colors.


Another electric bike worth mentioning is the 2015 HPC XC Electric Bike.  It has a powerful 5500 watt motor and all-wheel drive. It is a mountain electric bike with a 70:30 torque split.  70% of the power goes to the rear wheel, while 30% goes to the front wheel. It comes with a frame bag that holds various items; it's waterproof and features dual YKK zippers.  There are three models to choose from: XC-1, XC-2, and XC Elite.

The XC-1 features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a 27 speed drivetrain.  The Elite version has an optimized, high-speed pedaling design that features a Schlumpf High Speed Drive planetary geared crankset.  It also features simultaneous hydraulic lockout for the front air fork and rear air shock via a single push button.  On this bike, casual pedaling produces an astonishing speed of 50 mph.


For Upzy's full collection of electric bikes, please click here.  We are Authorized Dealers for hundreds of e-bike brands.

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