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The Benefits Of Bike Riding

When it comes to buying bikes, there are a number of reasons why you should head to your local bike shop.  There are a variety of benefits that come with bike riding and when we add bikes to our preferred means of conveyance, we can enjoy a number of advantages.  Read on to learn more about the benefits of bike riding!


1)  Environmentally Friendly

In a world that is full of pollution caused by the mass quantity of automobiles on the road, riding bikes allows us to do our part to reduce the level of smog in the air.  Even something as simple as swapping out one of your weekly work commutes for a bike ride can have a positive effect on the world around you.  Reducing the amount of toxic emissions that are created by excessive drinking is just one of the many benefits bike riding has to offer.


2)  Making Time To Work Out

We've all heard the excuses from those who "plan" to work out about not having enough time, but by riding a bike to and from your place of employment, you are able to incorporate a workout into your daily schedule, with minimal sacrifice to the rest of your day.  Bike riding is easily integrated into our daily living and those who rely on bikes for their transportation are able to get healthy and fit as a result.


3)  Good, Clean Fun

When we allow ourselves to become couch potatoes who sit at home every night, it becomes very easy to rely on beer or trashy television as a means of entertainment.  However, bike rides offer a way for us to have good, clean fun, without vegging out in front of the tube every night or heading out for a drink every time we get bored.  The next time you find your friends or family complaining that there is nothing to do, be sure to bring up the benefits of bike rides.


4)  Added Mental Clarity

With added physical activity comes increased mental clarity and bike rides are certainly no different.  Bike rides are proven to boost our level of energy and greatly diminish fatigue.  Even a daily 30 minute bike ride does wonders for our creative thinking and reaction time.  Anxiety and depression are also reduced as a result of bike riding.


5)  Longer Life

According to a few recent studies, adults who make time for bike rides live longer than those who choose to neglect the importance of physical activity.  Small amounts of daily exercise correlate to a longer life expectancy and bike rides are one of the most enjoyable ways to keep fit.  They allow us to exercise, without feeling as if we are exerting ourselves and what could be better than that?


6)  A Workout You'll Look Forward To

We all know that it can be difficult to set aside time to work out and it is also difficult to find a workout that you truly look forward to.  Everyone’s had that moment where they fantasize about avoiding their workout, but by embracing the benefits of bike riding, you will be able to start a workout plan that you will love, despite its inherent difficulty.  It can also be used as a way to warm up and energize for other workouts that you are planning on doing later. 


Interested in the benefits of bike riding and want to take the plunge and commute in an energy-efficient way?  Check out our bike collection here.

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