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Electric Bicycle Laws Broken Down By State

Here is a useful table to compare how each state recognizes Electric Bicycles and the corresponding requirements. Most states do not require  licenses, but there are a handful that require some form of license.

StateIdentityTypeMax speed (mph)Max powerHelmetMin ageLicense
Alabama Motor-driven cycle Motorcycle None 150 cc Motorcycle helmet required 14 Yes, M class 
Alaska Motor-driven cycle Motorcycle None 50 cc 14 Yes, M class
Arizona Motorized electric bicycle or tricycle Bicycle 20 48 cc No None No
Arkansas Motorized bicycle Bicycle None 50 cc Yes 10 Yes
California Motorized Bicycle Bicycle 20 1,000 W Yes 16 No
Colorado Electrical assisted bicycle Bicycle 20 750 W No None No
Connecticut Bicycle with helper motor 40 2.0 bhp (1.5 kW) or 50 cc yes 15 yes
Delaware Bicycle Bicycle 20 <750 watts Under 16
District of Columbia Motorized bicycle 35 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) or 50 cc 18 Yes
Florida Electric-assist bicycle Bicycle 20 None No 16 No
Georgia Electric bicycle Bicycle 20 1,000 W Under 16 no
Hawaii Moped 30 2 hp No 15 Yes
Illinois Low‑speed bicycle Bicycle (625 ILCS 5/11‑1516) 20 None No 16 No
Iowa Electric Bicycle Bicycle 20, unless pedaling 750 watts No None No
Kentucky Motorized bicycle Moped 30 2.0 brake hp or 50 cc no 16 yes
Maine Motorized bicycle or tricycle 25 1.5 break hp yes
Maryland Moped 30 1.5 brake hp (1.1 kW) or 50 cc yes yes
Massachusetts Motorized bicycle 25 50 cc Yes 16 Yes
Michigan Moped 30 100 cc Motorcycle helmet required 16 Yes
Minnesota Electric-Assisted Bicycle 20 1000w No 15 No
Mississippi Bicycle with a motor attached Bicycle None None No None No
Montana Bicycle Bicycle

Definition 61-8-102(2)(b)(ii)

30 2.0 bhp and <=50cc No
Nebraska Moped  Motorized Bicycle with Pedals 30  50cc or 2 bhp, whichever is less  Yes Yes 
New Hampshire Low-Speed Electric Bicycle Bicycle 20 750 watts Required Under 16 14 no
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York Illegal
North Carolina
North Dakota
Oregon Electric assisted bicycle Bicycle 20 1000 W Under 16 16 No
Pennsylvania Pedalcycle with electric assist Bicycle 20 750 W No 16 No
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee 30 Yes 14 (restricted) Yes
Texas Electric bicycle Bicycle 20 None No None No
West Virginia


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