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e-Joe FAQs

Does my E-Joe Bike come fully assembled?

Yes it comes 98% fully assembled.  All you have to do is attach the pedals and seat and you're good to go!

What is the suitable height range for me to ride an E-Joe bike?

E-Joe bikes are really one size fits all.  We have riders as small as 5" to as tall as 6"6 that have ridden the E-Joe bikes with no problems at all.  The seat is height-adjustable.  Please check each individual models' product specifications and see the distance from top of the pedal to top of the seat.  For the Epik SE for example, the maximum distance from the top of pedal to the top of the seat is 35 inches.

Why are your prices lower than most online retailers?

We have an exclusive authorized dealer relationship with E-Joe, so we're able to offer you the best prices online.

What are the different light indicators for the battery?

When idle, it's blue. When plugged in to charge the battery it will change to red. Once it's fully charged it will turn to green. When it's unplugged again it turns to blue. 
What are the main differences between the Epik SE and Epik Lite?
  • 7 speed vs 1 speed
  • Shocks vs no shocks
  • 36V 9Ah battery vs 36V 7Ah battery


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