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The Mogobike folding electric scooter is built for fun and convenience and can be ridden for your everyday commute. The Mogobike offers both power and comfort where other electric bikes/scooters skimp on one or the other.  

The Mogobike has a powerful battery that more than 500 charge cycles and best of all, it ships for FREE!

Check out the Mogobike in action!

Charge your gadgets on the go when on the Mogobike!

15 Reasons To Buy The Mogobike:

1)  Ability To Monitor Your Performance

The Mogobike comes equipped with a backlight monitor for speed, trip distance, clock, battery life and total mileage.

The clock and trip meter is fully configurable.  Adjust the clock to a 24 or 12 hour clock and use mileage or kilometer units of measure according to preference.

2)  Advanced Lithium Ion Battery

Our lithium-ion battery offers long life and distance.  The Mogobike plugs into standard 110V wall outlets, allowing riders to charge at home or the office with ease.

The 24V 10A size means a rider can enjoy up to 20 miles before needing a recharge.

3)  Two 500 Watt Motors Gives Your Mogobike Tremendous Power

The Mogobike’s patented 500 watt brushless electric motor provides smooth consistent power on hills and uneven terrain.  Using two motors (1000 watts total output), the Mogobike offers both pushing and pulling power for riders, unlike most electric scooters today that make use of just a single motor.

4)  Resistant To All Weather And The Elements

The motors are sealed for travel in wet conditions. The battery box includes a rubberized seal and the electronic components housed inside come with a special weather-resistant coating.

5)  Convenience On The Move

The Mogobike comes ready to ride out of the box.  Move the Mogobike from outside to interior spaces quickly and easily.  Releasing the frame locks, the Mogobike breaks down for transit.  Roll it easily into your office or living space and store in a closet. Its compact size when folded is smaller than many products on the market today.

6)  Eco-Friendly Transportation

The Mogobike uses regenerative braking to restore charge back to the battery while being operated.  Each time a user slows down or hits the brake, the motors send energy back to the battery to maintain and extended travel time.  Affordable and conscientious travel is the perfect solution for urban commuters looking to reduce their total commuting expense and their energy footprint on the environment.

7)  Free Shipping Directly To Your Door.

The Mogobike is ready for shipping to your doorstep.  It comes with everything needed to ride.

8)  Advanced Braking System

The Mogobike makes use of two different forms of braking, electronic and a manual disc brake. 

An additional perk featured on the braking system is the inclusion of regenerative braking. Found in other high-end electric vehicles, regenerative braking provides two benefits- it reverses the direction of the motors and sends that energy back to the battery to increase battery life, and offers a quick way to slow down.  

9)  Super Lightweight

Mogobike designers created a lightweight aluminum frame  that is durable enough for everyday commuting, but light enough to lift into a car.

10)  LED Lights For Nighttime Riding

Our powerful headlamp makes and creates visibility for riders and other vehicles on the road. 

11)  Street Legal With VIN Number Given

Each state is different in terms of licensing and registration of electric scooters.  To make things easy for Mogobike riders, the scooter will come with a VIN number and will be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The scooter includes a side mirror, horn, headlight, tail light and blinkers to meet DOT regulations.  The tires are also DOT certified.

12)  Folding For Easy Transport And Storage

More lightweight than most folding bicycles or ebikes, the Mogobike moves easily from the trunk of a car to the curb.  The bike also unfolds quickly for riding.

13)  Patented Locking Hinge For Ultimate Safety

Using tempered stainless steel and rugged construction, the hinges lock firmly and securely to give riders confidence to finish the commute to the home or office.

14)  Power Assist for People on the Move

When partially folded, the Mogobike can be used in power assist.  With the power assist feature, enjoy three different speed settings to adjust to your individual walking pace.

15)  USB Port For Charging Your Devices

The console includes a USB port for charging all of your devices.  

Product Specifications:

  • Expanded size: 57 inch L x 24 inch W x 38 inch H
  • Folded size: 18 inch L x 14 inch W x 25 inch H
  • Axial distance: 39 inches
  • Wheel size: 12″
  • Maximum speed: 20 mph on flat surfaces
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Battery: Li-ion 48V 10AH
  • Rated Motor Power: 500W (x2)
  • Drivetrain: Direct drive
  • Loading: 220 lbs
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake (Front)
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Rim: Aluminum alloy
  • Certificate: E-mark 2002/24/EC (EU) and FMVSS (US)



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    The Mogobike has greatly restored my mobility!

    I went from someone to staying at home 12 hours a day, to someone who goes out to the park and rides to the grocery store every day! I first saw some promos of the Mogobike on facebook, and that piqued my interest. Fast forward 8 months, and I'm the proud owner of one! The price won't break the bank, and you really do get a high-quality piece of machinery for what you pay. I recommend it for someone who has slight disabilities and want their mobility and freedom back again!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    The Mogobike has greatly restored my mobility!

    I went from someone to staying at home 12 hours a day, to someone who goes out to the park and rides to the grocery store every day! I first saw some promos of the Mogobike on facebook, and that piqued my interest. Fast forward 8 months, and I'm the proud owner of one! The price won't break the bank, and you really do get a high-quality piece of machinery for what you pay. I recommend it for someone who has slight disabilities and want their mobility and freedom back again!

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