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Robotis MINI Programmable Miniature Humanoid Robotics Toy, 901-0046-200

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1. Product Overview
The ROBOTIS MINI is a programmable miniaturized humanoid robot featuring 16 XL-320 Dynamixels (16 DOF), the OpenCM9.04 C, an Arduino-like open-source embedded controller featuring a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor, a 3D printable frame for robot customization, and Android/iOS smart device connectivity via BT-210 (Bluetooth 2.1) or BT-410 (BLE) Bluetooth modules.* 
*Please note that the ROBOTIS MINI kit includes a BT-210 Bluetooth module. This module is compatible with Android smart devices that support Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. In order to use the ROBOTIS MINI with iOS, you MUST purchase the BT-410 Bluetooth module as it is sold SEPARATELY. The BT-410 supports Android AND iOS devices that support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). 
2. Building the ROBOTIS MINI
The ROBOTIS MINI offers a challenging but fulfilling building experience. The kit includes a fully-colored assembly manual that not only provides detailed assembly instructions, but also provides building tips.
Download the R+ Design program for a preview of robot assembly and structure. Zoom in/out or rotate the 3D model to view the robot from any angle. 
3. Controlling the ROBOTIS MINI
Download the free ROBOTIS MINI application on your Android or iOS smart device to control your MINI via Button, Gesture, Voice Recognition, or Messenger commands.*
*Please note that Voice Recognition is NOT available for the ROBOTIS MINI iOS app at this time.
4. Programming the ROBOTIS MINI
The ROBOTIS MINI can be programmed using RoboPlus Task (or R+Task 2.0), a graphical, drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++.* 
Create motions or choreographies using  R+ Motion 2.0.**
*Please note that RoboPlus Task and R+ Task 2.0 are ONLY available for Windows at this time.
**R+ Motion 2.0 is available for BOTH Windows and Mac OS X. 
Free mobile versions of these programs are also available for Android and iOS. 
For more advanced C-based programming, users can download the OpenCM IDE, an Arduino-like IDE designed specifically for programming the ROBOTIS MINI controller. Note that users who would like to use RoboPlus after using the ROBOTIS IDE MUST restore the controller's firmware each time they do so. 
5. Customize your Robot!
Customize your robot's frame using 3D printing or print more stickers by downloading the files here!
6. Sensor Expansion*
The ROBOTIS MINI is compatible with the following sensors: 
*Please note that all sensors are sold separately and are NOT included with the ROBOTIS MINI kit.




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