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ScooterX Sport Kart 196cc 6.5hp Off Road Gas Go Kart, Ships to California

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The ScooterX Sport Kart 196cc 6.5hp Off Road Gas Go Kart (California Version) is zippy, modern, and has a sleek design.  It comes in a Black finish.  

This gas go-kart is for light off-road use, and is not entry level.  It is best utilized by adults and children over the age of 12. 

The Sport Go Kart comes complete with huge and reliable 13‚ÄĚ knobby tires and dual coil over shocks.¬† You can reach speeds up to 45 mph on this bad boy. ¬†The Sport Kart holds approximately 1/4 of a gallon of gas.

Wat are you waiting for?  Give this go kart a whirl!

Note:  This Go Kart comes with a California certified engine so it can ship to California.  If you're looking for the cheaper version that does not ship to California, click here.

Why BUY This Go Kart:

  • SHIPS TO CALIFORNIA:¬† Comes with a¬†California certified engine.
  • Assembled in California with the highest Quality Control:¬†¬†Ensuring increased durability and longer-lasting parts.
  • 30 day parts replacement warranty and lifetime¬†technical¬†support:¬† Provided by the manufacturer ScooterX.
  • Great Gift For Kids:¬† Show off this fast¬†Go Kart¬†to your friends and make them green with envy!
  • Fun For Adults Too:¬† Unleash that inner child in you and strap on for the ride of your life!

    Product Specifications:

    196cc 4 Stroke Gas Engine This engine runs on pump gas, no oil mixing necessary. Engine puts out around 10hp. This is our most powerful go kart motor.
    Rear Coil Over Suspension The rear end has dual coil over suspension with 4 inches of travel.
    Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch
    13" Off-Road Tires All 4 tires have a nice knobby tread for light off road use. Can also be used on smooth road surfaces.
    Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes Comes with rear disc brakes which gives you plenty of stopping power.
    Hand Controls Both throttle and brake are hand controls that are mounted to the steering wheel.
    Max Speed 40-45 mph Kart can go even faster with upgrades.
    Pull Starter Engine starts by pulling a cord.
    Warranty The Sport Kart comes with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty


    Weight & Dimensions:

    • Product¬†Weight:¬† 175 lbs¬†
    • Box Dimensions:¬†¬† 66" L x 38" W x 28" H
    • Fully Assembled Dimensions:¬†¬† 43" L x 38" W x 21" H


    Shipping Options:

    We adhere to this shipping map.  Yellow states= East Coast shipping price.  Anything other than yellow= West Coast shipping price.  If you're shipping to a Business address, please ensure it's an office and not a residence where you work out of.


    Note:  ScooterX does not accept returns, and we adhere to their manufacturer's return policy.  We can send you replacement parts and provide lifetime technical expertise.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    George J. (Santa Clara, CA, US)
    Been looking for this!

    Hi been looking for something like this for a while now, and glad that I could find one that shipped to Santa Clara! Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great kart.

    Thanks for your nice review George!!

    jesse s.
    Sport kart 6.5 hp

    Many reviews talked about the centrifugal clutch prematurely failing. We bought four karts for Christmas and have been running them hard for 4 days now on plenty of hills. I would say we have gone through two tanks of fuel per kart. They have 10 tooth SS clutches which are good quality clutches. So long as the clutch is hooked up and not slipping up hills they are fine. We have not burned up a clutch yet. The clutch is hooked up by about ten miles per hour. As with all these type clutches you have to oil the clutch bushing about twice a day. We used motor oil with a pump type oiling can. This requires removing the chain guard. I recommend drilling a hole in the guard to oil the bushing. Two week points of these karts are the thin chain guard mounting tab where it bolts to the engine and the shock springs are super stiff. The guard tab fatigues and cracks from vibration then eventually breaks. As far as the springs, I replaced ours with 2 v8 engine head springs per shock stacked on top of each other from a 60s model ford 302 or 351. Not sure if it was from a 302 or the 351 though. It made a big difference. Also dont forget to lubricate the shock rods. They are dirt cheap shocks. The provided wrenches are also weak. Use good quality wrenches to get hardware tight especially the two 24mm nuts that hold the front frame onto the main chassis. They come loose so tighten them well. The engines are great. No issues. Another tip is since the engine weight is in behind the rear axle, not much weight is on the front tires so they tend to not turn sharp. One way to fix this is to shift your body weight forward when turning. I found that leaning to the outside of the turn makes them turn the best. Overall for the price, they are decent karts.

    Thanks for your in-depth review Jesse! And for buying 4 karts from us! Appreciate all your insight into this, glad you found them to be decent karts :)

    David B.
    Scooter X

    Love the Kart - easy to put together and fun to ride

    Thanks for your great review David!! Glad you found the Sport Kart fun to ride :)

    Kathleen N.
    Fun with a capital F

    Fast, cute, starts on the first pull every time. Bumpy on our dirt roads but that's to be expected and smooths out on pavement. Good deal for the money and I would buy it again, in fact, I bought two.

    Thanks for your awesome review Kathleen and for buying 2 scooters from us!

    Taylor T.
    It is fast and the

    It is fast and the best one for for under $1,000.

    Thanks for your review Taylor! We agree, it's fast and affordable!