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700c Bikes

A 700c bike refers to a type of bicycle wheel size that measures approximately 700 millimeters in diameter.  This is the most common wheel size for road bikes, touring bikes, and some hybrid bikes.  The "c" in 700c refers to the French tire sizing system that was commonly used in the past.

700c wheels are typically larger in diameter than other common bike wheel sizes, such as the 26-inch wheel commonly found on mountain bikes.  This larger wheel size allows for faster speeds and better efficiency on paved roads and smoother terrain.  700c wheels are often paired with narrower tires with higher air pressure, which further enhances their speed and efficiency.

In summary, a 700c bike is a type of bicycle that uses 700c wheels, which are commonly found on road bikes and touring bikes, and are designed for fast, efficient riding on paved roads and other smooth surfaces.