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The Benefits of Fireplaces:  More Than Just Toasty Toes

There's nothing quite like snuggling up in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold night.  The warmth, the crackle of the wood, the flicker of the flames... it's enough to make even the grumpiest of Scrooges crack a smile.  But did you know that fireplaces provide more than just a cozy ambiance?  Here are some unexpected benefits of having a fireplace in your home:

  • A Built-In Barbecue:¬†¬†Forget about braving the cold to cook up a storm on the grill.¬† With a fireplace, you've got a built-in barbecue right in your living room!¬† Simply stick a marshmallow on a stick and hold it over the flames for a deliciously gooey treat.¬† And who needs a stovetop when you can heat up a can of soup right on the fire?
  • A Romantic Atmosphere:¬†¬†If you're looking to spice up your love life, a fireplace is the perfect addition to your bedroom.¬† Imagine¬†cozying up with your significant other in front of the flames, sipping on a glass of wine and exchanging flirty glances.¬† Plus, if things really start heating up, you can always throw another log on the fire to keep things going all night long...
  • Exercise:¬†¬†Who needs a gym membership when you've got a fireplace to keep you fit?¬† Carrying in logs, chopping wood, and sweeping out the ashes are all great ways to burn calories and tone your muscles.¬† You'll feel like a real lumberjack (or lumberjill) while you're at it.¬† This of course, only applies to our wood-burning fireplaces!
  • A Natural Bug Repellent:¬†¬†If you're tired of pesky insects invading your home, a fireplace is the solution you've been looking for.¬† Bugs¬†detest smoke, so having a fireplace is a natural way to keep them at bay.¬† Also, if you do happen to get bitten, you can always use the ashes to soothe the itch.
  • A Conversation Ice Breaker:¬†¬†If you're ever at a loss for words during a dinner party, just steer the conversation towards your fireplace.¬† Guests will be impressed by your knowledge of the different kinds of fireplaces, the best way to start a fire, and the proper way to maintain a chimney.¬† You'll be the life of the party in no time!

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