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Gas Powered Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs), also known as side by side vehicles, are designed for off-road adventures and rough terrain. 

These vehicles can be called other names such as dune buggies, golf buggies, and sometimes even ATVs. 

UTVs are versatile and capable of handling challenging environments, making them a perfect choice for those looking for an off-road vehicle.

Side by side UTVs are engineered for their stability and control, providing a smooth ride for the driver and passengers.  

They are also available in multiple seat configurations, from two seater to four seater models and more, making them perfect for families or groups.

There are lots of different UTV brands for sale, including BMS Motorsports, known for their high-quality UTVs and side by sides.  BMS side by side models are popular among off-road enthusiasts, providing a balance between performance and affordability.

Street legal dune buggies and UTVs are a great option for those who want to take their off-road adventures to the next level.  These vehicles are designed to be driven on public roads, making them a versatile and practical choice for both off-road and on-road use.

Golf carts are also available in UTV models, providing a comfortable and efficient way to navigate around a golf course or other outdoor areas.  These "golf cart" UTVs offer a stylish and reliable way to transport passengers around the course.

In conclusion, UTVs are an exciting way to explore off-road terrain. With a range of sizes, styles, and brands available, it's easy to find a side by side UTV or go kart that suits your needs and preferences.