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Gas Stoves

A gas stove that keeps you warm is a type of gas stove that is designed to provide heat to a room or living space, in addition to its cooking functions.  

Gas stoves can either come in DIRECT VENT or VENT-FREE:

  • A direct vent gas stove is designed to be vented directly outside through a wall or roof. It has a sealed combustion system that draws air for combustion from outside the house and expels the combustion byproducts (such as carbon monoxide and other gases) outside as well.¬† It requires a venting system, usually consisting of a pipe or chimney, to provide both intake and exhaust.
  • A vent-free (or ventless) gas stove, as the name suggests, does not require any external venting system.¬† It operates by drawing in oxygen from the room and releasing combustion byproducts (including moisture) directly into the living space. It relies on a precise air-to-fuel ratio for clean combustion.

Gas stoves that keep you warm typically have a heating component located beneath the cooktop burners.  This component can be made of ceramic or metal and is designed to radiate heat out into the room.  The stove may also have a fan that helps circulate the warm air throughout the space.

One of the main benefits of a gas stove that keeps you warm is that it can provide supplemental heating to a room or living space.  This can be especially useful in colder climates or during the winter months, when a little extra warmth is needed.  Also, gas stoves that keep you warm can be more cost-effective than central heating systems, as they only heat the room or space that you are using.

Another benefit of gas stoves that keep you warm is that they can be used as a backup heat source in case of power outages.  Since they do not rely on electricity to function, they can continue to provide heat even if the power goes out.