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Gas Trikes

A gas-powered trike, also known as a gas trike or gas tricycle, is a three-wheeled vehicle that is powered by an internal combustion engine running on gasoline (petrol).  It combines elements of a motorcycle and a tricycle, providing stability and ease of control while offering the power and speed of a gasoline engine.

Gas-powered trikes typically have a single rear wheel and two front wheels, with the engine and other mechanical components located at the rear.  The rider sits on a seat positioned above or between the rear wheels, similar to a motorcycle or scooter.  Some gas trikes have a fully enclosed cabin, while others have an open design.

These vehicles often come with features such as handlebars for steering, foot pedals for acceleration and braking, and a gearbox for changing gears.  The engines used in gas-powered trikes can vary in size and power output, ranging from small displacement engines for lower speeds and fuel efficiency to larger engines for higher speeds and performance.

Gas trikes are popular for recreational use, touring, and transportation in certain areas.  They offer an alternative to traditional motorcycles or scooters, providing a more stable and accessible riding experience for those who prefer three wheels.