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Dog/Mushing Scooters

A mushing scooter, also known as a dog scooter, is a specialized type of scooter designed for dog-powered activities.  It is similar in appearance to a regular kick scooter or a foot scooter, but it is built to withstand the unique demands of mushing or dog-powered sports.

The sport of dog mushing is typically associated with sled dogs pulling a sled over snow, as seen in traditional dog sledding.  However, mushing scooters allow enthusiasts to engage in similar activities in areas without snow, such as dirt trails, grassy fields, or forest paths.

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    Kickbike America Dog Leash Adapter

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    from $ 129.95

    A must have for dry land mushing with your Kickbike or just taking your dog(s) for a ride. 3 GREAT MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM UNIVERSAL: Fixed position...

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    Original Price $ 199.00
    from $ 129.95
    Save 35%