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A conga drum is a tall, narrow, single-headed drum that originates from Cuba.  They usually come in pairs.

Congas are typically made from a hollowed-out wooden shell with a drumhead made of animal skin or synthetic material stretched across the top.  They are played with the hands and fingers, with the player striking the drumhead in different places to produce different tones and rhythms.

Congas are an important part of Afro-Cuban music, particularly in genres such as salsa, rumba, and Afro-Cuban jazz.  They are often played in sets of two or more, with each drum tuned to a different pitch.  The drums are played either while standing or sitting, with the player holding the drum between their knees and striking it with their hands.

Conga drums have a rich and complex sound, with a wide range of tones and dynamics.  They are often used to play complex rhythms that form the backbone of the music, and are known for their ability to create a deep, infectious groove that gets people dancing.

Congas have also been used in other styles of music, such as jazz and rock, and have become a popular instrument in many parts of the world.