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At Yedoo, we’ve been dedicated to scooters since 1998. We started with children’s scooters, moved into scoot bikes and children’s bikes, and now scooter racers who want to compete at the elite level can get a set of wheels from us to help them win. We design all of our products ourselves and we ride them, too. Initially that meant locking ourselves away in a garage for a few hours and welding and cutting and welding… and then at the crack of dawn, right after we’d finished the prototype, we set off on a 24 our raceand covered over 500 km. 

Some of us have taken our love of kickbiking all the way to the top competitions - but the most important thing is to have fun, enjoying ourselves together, whether we’re competitive racers or preschoolers, riding in the city or along the river, walking the dog or making our way to school.

Today, our children also ride our scooters and balance bikes. When we’re developing a new saddle, you can be sure that all our neighbors´ rear ends will sit on dozens of tested prototypes. Kuba Bostl, our development manager, devotes most of his work and free time to designing, throwing hundreds of hours into preparations, thinking and finding out what our riders need. Only then come the months of work of computer design and testing the first prototypes, until everything is as simple as possible, durable and more or less maintenance-free. 


Upzy is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for all Yedoo products.

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