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MX Select

MX Select is a designer and manufacturer of high-end, exceptional value dumbbells and fitness equipment. 

MX Select Rocks Your Socks Off:

  • Steel Craftsmanship:  Looks, feels and functions just like a pro-style dumbbell
  • Perfect Balance:  Length of weight shortens evenly each side, as less weight is selected
  • One Compact System:  A design that fits perfectly into your lifestyle
  • Easy to Handle:  Can be removed and replaced at 180 degrees
  • Quiet Smooth Operation:  Changing weight does not involve handling the weight
  • No Protruding Knobs/Ends:  Selector dials recess into collars after weight selection
  • Open Handle Design:  Bio-mechanical and ergonomic precision
  • Exceptional Value:  Price per pound is close to the average for most models
  • Unique Rack & Pinion Design:  Securely locks weight plates into an immovable position

Upzy is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of all MX Select products. 

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