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Garden Tillers

What is a Tiller?

Put simply, a garden tiller is designed to break up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting. Two different types of garden tillers are available: front-tine, or rear-tine.

Front-Tine Tillers

As the wheels are behind the 'tines' on front-tine soil tillers, they are easier to maneuvre in more compact areas, whether you're pushing, turning or reversing, and they make breaking fairly hard ground and loosening soil a breeze.  As an added bonus, front-tine tillers tend to be smaller in size than rear-tine tillers, making storage and transportation easier.

Rear-Tine Tillers

Rear-Tine Tillers are larger, tougher and more powerful than front-tine tillers, and although they are heavier and more difficult to maneuver, their weight provides an advantage when you need to loosen very hard ground in a large garden or allotment, or smaller piece of land.

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