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Gas ATVs

Gas All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), also known as four wheelers or quads, are off-road vehicles powered by gasoline engines.  They typically have four wheels and are designed for off-road use, although some models can be made street legal with the addition of certain features like lights, turn signals, and a license plate.

Some popular brands of gas ATVs are TaoTao, Apollo, and Vitacci.  These manufacturers offers a variety of models including the Rhino, Bull, Raptor, and more. These vehicles are available in different engine sizes such as 200cc and 250cc. 

Dune buggies and mini dune buggies, which are similar to ATVs are designed for use in sand and other soft terrain.  These vehicles typically have larger wheels and tires, and often have a roll cage for added safety.

Gas ATVs and dune buggies are amazing for recreational use, as well as for work on farms, ranches, and other outdoor environments.  They are commonly used in off-road racing and competitions.  Some models have automatic transmission for easy operation, while others require manual shifting.

Ride your dune buggies in any season- summer or winter, and everything in between, these dirt rippers can be ridden all year round.  

Conquer any terrain with these trail-ripping, robust, solid machines.