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Unicycles are a unique type of cycle that have only one wheel.  They are ridden by balancing on the seat while pedaling with the feet.

Traditional unicycles require skill and practice to ride on, but with advancements in technology, electric unicycles have become popular too.

An electric unicycle, also known as a motorized unicycle, is a battery-powered version of a traditional unicycle that has a motor and can ride at faster speeds.

Solowheel (by Inventist) is a popular brand that offers the Solowheel Classic, Scorpion, and Xtreme- all high-performance electric unicycles.

One wheel hoverboards and one wheel scooters are similar to electric unicycles in that they have a single wheel, but they are ridden in a different way.  One wheel hoverboards, known as single wheel hoverboards or uni-wheels, have a platform in the middle that the rider stands on, and they use their body weight to control the speed and direction of the vehicle.  One wheel scooters have a handlebar for the rider to hold onto, being powered by a motor that is controlled by a throttle on the handlebar.

Electric motorized unicycles and one wheel vehicles are perfect for those looking for a unique and fun mode of transportation.  They are ideal for short commutes or for leisurely rides around the neighborhood.  If you are looking for an exciting way to get around, consider an electric unicycle, one wheel hoverboard, or one wheel scooter. 

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