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Quadricycles are vehicles that provide a unique mode of transportation- blending the features of bicycles and cars. 

They are four-wheel bikes that can accommodate multiple riders, ranging from two people on a tandem bike to eight people on a large multi-person bike.  They are commonly known as "bicycle cars," "pedal cars for adults," or "four-wheel bicycles."

One of the most popular types of quadricycle is the Surrey Bike, which features a canopy top, decorative fringe, and seating for two or more people.  These bikes are commonly used for leisurely rides or as a rental attraction at beach resorts or tourist destinations.  Surrey bikes are also available for sale to individual consumers, and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Another type of quadricycle is a family bike, which is designed to seat four or more people.  These bikes are perfect for families with kids or groups of friends who want to enjoy a leisurely ride together.

Quadricycles can also be known as "rickshaw" bikes, which are commonly used as a mode of transportation in certain parts of Asia. These bikes typically have a driver in the front who pedals while passengers sit in the back.

Other popular types of quadricycles include side-by-side bikes, double bikes, and side-by-side tandem bikes.  There are also six-person and eight-person quadricycles that provide a unique way to explore your neighborhood.

A type of quadricycle is a Rhoades Car, which produces a range of four-wheel bikes that can seat up to four people. These bikes are designed for both leisure and exercise, and are popular among families and fitness enthusiasts.

Overall, quadricycles are a versatile, fun, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation that can accommodate a range of riders and preferences.  Whether you are looking for a tandem bike for a romantic ride or a multi-person bike for a group outing, there is sure to be a quadricycle that fits your needs!

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