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Gas Grills

A gas grill is a type of outdoor cooking appliance that uses propane or natural gas as a fuel source to heat up metal grates where food is placed for cooking.

Gas grills typically have burners that produce flames, which heat up the grates to cook the food.  The size and style of gas grills can vary widely, from compact portable models to large, built-in outdoor kitchens.

Gas grills provide several advantages over other types of outdoor cooking appliances: 

  • CONVENIENCE:¬† They are known for their convenience, as they can be started up quickly and do not require the use of charcoal or wood.¬†
  • VERSATILE:¬† Many models come equipped with features such as side burners, rotisseries, and smoker boxes, making them versatile and suitable for cooking a wide variety of dishes.¬†
  • USER-FRIENDLY:¬† Gas grills are easy to control, allowing for precise temperature adjustments and consistent cooking results.
  • HEALTHY:¬† In addition to their convenience and versatility, gas grills offer some health benefits. When food is cooked over an open flame, harmful chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs) can form.¬† These chemicals can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.¬† However, gas grills reduce the amount of these chemicals that are produced because the food is not in direct contact with the flames.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:¬† Gas grills are also generally easier to clean than other types of outdoor cooking appliances.¬† They do not produce ash, and the grates can be cleaned easily with a brush and some warm, soapy water.
  • SAFETY FIRST:¬† Gas grills also have safety features that make them less likely to cause fires, such as automatic shut-off valves and safety timers.