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Steelflex Plateload PLSR Seated Row Weight Machine

QuietKat fenders

Great product; easy to install and adjust on my 2019 QuietKat Ranger.

Thanks for the great review Becky!
Product is great.....experience wasnt

I purchased the Crussis Kick Scooter in hopes of using for transportation while on site out of state. (Event Productions). 4-5 days after purchase I received email from UPZy strong that my purchase was being processed. Almost a week later I get another email stating that the White Crussis scooter is out of stock. Something about have to wait till 8/29 to see if they can produce one etc etc etc. a basic run around speech. Then 2 days later stating that they can refund my money or I can get another color. Which was fine if they were able to get to me ASAP. 3-4 days later they respond back that there was an issue at the plant and not sure if the scooter will ship in time.
I was due back to NY first week of Sept, so I said efff getting to site I’ll just use on next one. Said to UPzy if you can get me a white one shipped to my address in NY I’d rather do that then wit for any of them to arrive in Indianapolis where I was on site till the 5th of Sept. otherwise refund all my money. Silence for almost 5 days.
Eventually I went on to Crussis social media pages and UPZy media pages and made comments till I finally got a response from both sides

Needless to say I was contacted by at least one professional at UPZy who made situation right and about a week later after I was home back in NY I received my White Crussis Kickscooter


Hi Neil! Thank you for your review and explaining your order situation. For your particular order, this was definitely a one-off occurrence where we were having delays with our distributor, Crussis. We sincerely apologize about this. As you know, we ship directly from Crussis, and we were not expecting this delay from them. When it did occur, we tried our best to give as many as updates as we could. We take full responsibility for your order and we will do better next time. We're so glad you're enjoying the scooter though! If you have any further questions about your order, you can email us aftersales@upzy.com :)

Buy in confidence

Great bike; no regrets! Upzy was also very attentive in their customer service. Thanks and best wishes from California.
PS seems to go a bit faster than indicated; can reach up to 20mph pretty easily. (Just within the threshold to be exempt in California from licensure, registration and insurance requirements, according to the CVC §406(b) clause -- so, perfect.) Really fun and convenient vehicle. Thanks again.

Awesome, thanks for the great review and kind words Sean! We're glad you're enjoying your Honda M8 moped :)

Customer service was excellent!!

Thanks for your kind words Daphne!
Off-road Machine

As a man who is 6' and 220#'s, I was worried about this scooter having the power to get me up and down hill trails so that I can run my hunting dog and get into remote areas for deer hunting. Well, I was skeptical yet 10 minutes after the Box arrived I had it assembled checked all bolts made sure they were tightened and I was out on the road. The scooter had no issues getting me up and down Hills on paved roads whatsoever. Packed it up took it out to the Trail's where I hunt and it had no problem getting me up and down the hills out there at roughly 15 miles an hour and I took my dog out with me and she ran Trails for about 4 miles and absolutely loved it. After about 30 minutes of trail riding and over 4 miles we packed it up and headed home and the battery bar had only gone down one out of four. So far I'm extremely impressed.

Thanks for the awesome review John! We're so glad you're able to ride with no difficulty on those hills and trails and you're having fun with your dog! Happy riding on your MotoTec Chaos :)

Steelflex Plateload PLLA Lat Pulldown Weight Machine

Go Glider pedal assembly

No instructions or tools were included. When contacted, Upzy sent me a YouTube video link to help with installation. It was enough to allow me to complete it myself. It works great. My son now officially transitioned from the glider to a pedal bike without ever using training wheels!

Hi Tripp! We're glad your son successfully transitioned to a pedal bike :) As for the instructions and tools, we ship everything that's necessary for you to put the product together. If you require further assistance, you can email aftersales@upzy.com. Thank you :)
Y-Volution Y Fliker L3 Lift

My son absolutely loved his scooter. The team was awesome with communicating all updates with me. Super kind and professional.. will def recommend and shop with them again

Thanks for the great review GIO! We're glad your son loves his Y-Volution scooter! :)

Y-Volution Y FLIKER L3 LIFT Self Propelling Folding Kids Scooter

I received my ebike earlier than estimated date, really pleased! After simple assembly completion I checked all systems. All went great until I went to turn on headlight. So, quickly after an email on my issue, I was contacted by the tech. Turns out the instructions called for two buttons on the controller to be pushed simultaneously to turn on light when only one was required. So I push only the one and Bam! No pun intended, the light worked as it should.
The bike is built very well and one ride put a smile on my face for sure. Very positive experience!

BAM! Thanks for the great review Dan :) We're glad you're enjoying your e-bike :)
Nice small and compact mini bolt

I wish the battery would last longer.otherwise than that great ebike.

Beautiful bike

I bought a Nakto bike for ma daughter and on ma God she loves it. Thank you 😊😊😊

Thanks for the great review Alhagie! We're glad your daughter loves her bike! :)
Great board

Came quickly, and exactly as advertised.

Thanks for your great review William! :)
Quick shipment, received as ordered.

Bike is well made, and assembly was easy.

Thanks for your great review Mike! Happy riding :)
Ebike battery

Was given as present to wife for more mileage she seems happy

Tao Tao rex

Only gave a 3 because I purchased a “Rex” and Upzy took the money out of my bank account waited till after they weekend, contacted me and told me they where all sold out. A little upsetting seeing how they took over a thousand dollars out of my account without knowing if they could even get the product. Anyways Upzy did upgrade my purchase to a “raptor” which I did end up liking even more than the “Rex”. Good customer service Upzy I just don’t think you should have taken my money without knowing if the product was available. At least you should have put a hold on the money and taken it after the product shipped!! Just a thought, could help avoid these kind of reviews

Hi Stephen, thank you for your review! We are not in the office over the weekend. We did contact you as soon as we could after the weekend. We also gave you an upgrade to the higher priced (by hundreds of dollars) and more powerful Raptor at no additional cost to you. We're glad that you're enjoying your ATV :)
Electric scooter

Excellent product. Thank you

More than I expected have a lot of great fun on it you got to be careful

26" step thru Camel

Bought this ebike for my wife soon after I bought a 20" fat tire ebike from another company for myself, when the wife found trying to ride mine too difficult to get her leg over. The box arrived with the bike well protected and easy to assemble. It runs just as fast as my ebike, even though the motor is a 250 watt and my ebike is 500. I have not established the battery range yet, but we all enjoy using the throttle more than derailed gears and Peddle assist. The teenage granddaughters really learned to ride it easily,and the three have ridden more than my wife, though she has handled getting on and off the bike well. The packaging did not have a basket, but I sent one email and quickly received a reply stating that the basket was being sent. Dennis

Thanks for the kind words and great review Dennis! We wish you and your wife many years of happy riding on your Nakto e-bike! :)
Go in Snow

A question...How would this vehicle perform in snow and slush? Recommend motor size for the additional push through Northern weather. Also, picture of the canopy?

Hi Jake, can you please email hello@upzy.com with your questions. Since this is a public space, it would be best if you emailed us and we can assist you then :)

Bike is fast, light weight, durable and perfect for getting from point A to B. Looks slick too!

Electric bike

This is my 2nd one for a vacation home. Just love it - makes biking so much fun!

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