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Based on 1012 reviews
Cruiser Scooter

Well crafted scooter. I’ve had 3 adult razor scooters and they all had the same axle problem after a year. I hope this one works out. I hope I don’t have to replace the tubes too often. I recommend you include tape on BOTH ends of your boxes. UPS delivered your box upside down because the boxes staples did not keep the box shut during transport. UPS drivers have complained to me in the past (I worked at UPS Store) that manufactures think box staples alone will keep a box shut. It needs to be taped on both ends to secure the box.

Hi Scott! Thank you for your feedback. We will take note of what you said about taping on both sides, and not just one side and stapling it. Have fun on your scooter, we're glad you like it!


Hi Greg! We're so glad you're having an amazing time with your Uberscoot 1600W electric scooter! Thanks for the great review :)
Fat Kat trailer

The trailer is perfect for towing hunting gear. Turkey vest/ decoys. I mounted gun holders on each side to tow shotguns in as well! Just plain sweet!

JC-70 Recumbent Trike

I bought the JC-70 from Upzy I would purchase from them again and recommenced others to as well, Upzy has great pricing and fantastic communication I give Upzy 5 stars! I received the trike one week ahead of expected delivery date, unpacked the trike, every thing was perfectly wrapped for maximum protection, inventoried all parts, everything was there, assembly instruction were great assembly went smoothly for me, but I have assembled many bike before and would recommend if your not familiar with this type of work pay a professional to assemble the trike for maximum enjoyment and safety. I highly recommend this trike to anyone its very nice quality, the welds are superb as well as a beautiful paint job, mine is blue and is absolutely beautiful in the sun, this trike is very comfortable, I love how the seat molds to your body, the trike is very fast and easy to pedal, another added value is the trike comes with the clip-less pedal and clips for your clip-less shoes, I highly recommend running the clip-less pedals/shoes it provides more power in the right place as well as piece of mind knowing your feet will not fall off while ridding, I highly recommended this trike to everyone great quality as well as a fantastic value very happy I bought the JC-70 and ride it everyday for the past month, I give this trike 5 stars for price and 5 stars for quality!

Hi Mark! Wow thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying your Performer JC-70 and so happy that you purchased from us :) You have the entire summer to ride that beautiful trike!
Great Gift for avid bike rider.

This bike has a great design and looks cool. Bought as a gift for my husband and he loves it.

Hi Jenkins! Thanks for your review! We're glad your husband loves the Elux Monaco E-Bike. Here's to many happy years of riding for him! :)

Very nice cart.

Hi Nannette! Thanks for your review! We agree, the GK110 is indeed a nice kart :)

Everything was fine just as everything stated

Upzy Nakto

I love the bike it has nice speed great take off but I'm 6'2 if seat was higher along with handle bars it would be perfect thankyou6

Nice scooter

Once we got the tire pressure right, I was off and riding. It is a really nice light scooter that feels very sturdy.

Go-Ped ESR750 Lithium Folding Electric Scooter


thank you for great service and the scooter was what I expected it to be... thanks... I'll be doing some more shopping with you in the future...

Hi Daniel! Thanks for the great feedback and the kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying the Y-Volution Y FLIKER AIR A3 scooter. If need any more assistance in the future, feel free to reach out, we're always here to help :)

Delivered fast! Site said 5 to 7 days. I got it in 3. Nice but it was missing parts. Plus with no instructions but a video. Well my bike came differently than the video. Call the number they give you on the website and wait for them to get back to you. No wonder they recommend professionals put it together. Mine is still not together but my 14 day window to return it has expired. Oh well back to the hardware store.

Hi Rhonda! Thank you so much for your feedback! We do like to ship things out as fast as possible, and we're glad you got it in 3 days :) As for the assembly, we can assist you with that. Feel free to reach out to aftersales@upzy.com with your questions, and we'll help you as best we can :)
Trailmate joyrider trike

It's great. Only one problem . Right wheel had a big chip out of it on back. The plastic part. It doesn't hurt anything. I sent you a text an picture of it

Hi Janet! Thanks for your great feedback and thanks for bringing your parts query to our attention. Please send all warranty/parts replacement queries to aftersales@upzy.com, and we can assist you from there :)

Arrived on time
Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Hours of fun for the kiddo

Prosecco tech stride 400frame step thru

Like the design.flat battery out of the way.due to past surgery the step thru frame is perfect for me.not very heavy for pedalling.

FAT 20810

I love my e-bike! Easy to ride, plenty of power.

Thanks Karen! We're glad you love your Ecotric bike! :)

South Coast Cruzers Slingshot Mag Wheels Recumbent Trike

Nancy's Bike

Seems solid.
Needed to have it professionally serviced. Front wheel wobbled and I could not fix front brakes.

Hi Jeff! Thanks for your positive feedback. We do recommend that customers take their bikes to a professional bike shop for assembly/service for the most optimal performance out of it. Regardless, should you require any assistance on your Nakto, feel free to reach out to us at aftersales@upzy.com. Thank you! :)

Trailmate Double Joyrider 24" Side-By-Side Tandem Trike Tricycle


Our child is not big enough just yet to use, but it was easy to put together. And it is very quiet when we roll it around!! Looking forward to the child using it soon!!

Om my gadis!

Such a fast and powerful bike! It gets about 5 hrs of battery on a single charge. Thick cushion seat, nice bell, and the whole build is just awesome. I only wish that the kickstand was a dual axle kickstand, or even a center dual kickstand. Some components are crammed onto the bike, but with a few adjustments everything can be sorted out. Customer service is pretty prompt to respond, and can be helpful when I need some direction. Overall this bike is well worth what I paid for. It is also lighter than other ebike commuters that I've had/tried.

Great product great follow-through

I finished assembling my Jc-70 this week. UPZY kept me well informaed about the status of the order. It's not easy signing over such fnds but UPZY made me feel that my order was important to them. The trike came on time. The box was in great shape (thanks DHL) and the contents were extremely well packaged. I think it took me almost as much time removing all the protective wrapping as it took me to assemble :-). Some issues with parts not matching my expectations of what they should look like. the most recent JC-70's are ship with shorter bell crank spindles and a curved tie rod,not of the flat tie-rod depicted in videos. The new rod gets the bits a little higher off the ground, but sacrifices the ease to adjust toe-in. Instead of just rotating the tierod after loosening the lock nuts, now the tie rod is unhooked at the spindles to adjust the ends individually and remount and measure toe in....rinse n' repeat. I had an extra part in the box, a sleaved rod with a set screw. There was nothing in the assembly manual indicating what this was for. I poured through on-line presentations of assembly with no luck. Then I think I figured it out, it is an adjustable measureing tool for setting toe-in on the front track. Perhaps UPZY and Performer can shed some light. Thefender mouns differently thatn suggested by the manual at rear drop-outs and the rar rack is a bit different fom that which appears inthe assmbly videos and mounts differenly. so one can't rely on the assembly manual for figuring things out. My frst test runs have me very satisfied. The paint is awesome (mine is black), the wheels are nice, the Michelins are good. Adjustments for front and rear gear change equipment are straighforward and if you spend a few minutes with available videos on-line you will have a sweet shifitng machine. She's fast on the flats, stable on the downhill, and not a bear to granny up the inclines aroun my neighborhood. I look forward to years of cycling with this trike.

Great bike. Great service.

Thanks for the great feedback Kim! Appreciate it very much :)
BMS T350

I just got the Sniper shipped to me, picked it up with my trailer at a local shipping terminal. A box about 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, 3 feet high. After removing some plastic wrap and cardboard, I found the machine incased in a steel framework that was bolted together. Very well packaged. Front shocks, rear brake calipers, doors, tires, roll cage, front and rear plastic bumpers, seats, steering wheel, mirrors, all had to be bolted on. No instruction manual included. Battery was shipped dry and had to have included acid instilled into the battery then charged. Anyone with basic hand tools and some automotive knowledge can finish the assembly. All the bolts and hardware are grade 8 hardened, very strong steel frame, quality fit and finish all over. This machine is no joke. Worth every penny. Has oil and antifreeze installed and is already fully adjusted to start and run with some gas. It reminds me of a Japanese quality machine, not some cheap go cart. This thing is smooth, quiet, no rattles or clunks, lots of torque, and pretty fast-over 45mph. I would HIGHLY recommend this machine for those of you that have 5 grand to spend on a toy. UPZY did a great job getting this out to me in 6 days from the time I ordered. My only gripe is that I had to make my own winch mount as nothing is offered for sale as of yet, (winch not included). My email is gr8gi37@gmail.com and would love to share any info or answer questions that anyone may have regarding this machine or my experience with UPZY! I AM NOT IN ANYWAY ASSOCIATED WITH BMS OR UPZY. JUST VERY SATISFIED WITH MY PURCHASE AND EXPERIENCE.

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