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Based on 1974 reviews
Best dog activity ever!

I have a half pit half husky and this was the answer to spending quality time together and exercising. We use the local bike trail and have loads of fun together. She pulls till she tires out then I can kick to go with her. In the end it's easy to step of of and walk the final block home when she's all tuckered out.

Thanks for your great review Ro!! We're happy you're enjoying your Crussis scooter with your dog :)

Great fun

We have had a lot of fun. Only critizement is the building directions. None received with the bike - We needed to inquire where to find them on the internet and they were not the best, technical writers and technical writing is a skill that most businesses do not employ.. Luckily my husband knew how bikes work so was able to figure it out. The truth have professionals do it for you.

Thanks for your great review Barbara!! Instructions should come with the bike, apologies if you didn't receive yours. If you need assistance with assembly, you can email aftersales@upzy.com. Thank you :)

AOG 30T Freestanding Grill

Very positive experience. Best price. Great Customer Service. My grill was delivered as promised and timely.

Thanks for your great review Richard! Enjoy your AOG grill :)


Cute little scooter - easy to get around inside the house in tight spaces. Great customer service from Upzy.

Thanks Donna, we're happy to provide the customer service needed for your scooter order :)

E bike charger

The staff at Upzy were wonderful. They called me to let me know my purchase was back ordered. When I received my purchase it was exactly what I expected. I definitely recommend this site to everyone. Thank you Upzy for your thoughtfulness.

Thanks for your nice review Denise!!

very good products on time delivery

Thank you Salvatore!!

Almost there

Good customer service. But needs a better shipment service the
Ones who delivered my stuff were horrible but my product is great I recommend you take any moped you buy online to a moped shop for professional service it’s worth it for Chinese scooters

Not Really a Beach Cruiser

I spent a really really long time picking out an electric bike. I simply wanted a beach cruiser comfortable bike that is electric. So I spent the extra money and got this bike thinking I was getting a beach cruiser. This is NOT a beach cruiser. I am disappointed. It’s ok, but not comfortable like my regular beach cruiser bike. The handle bars are not beach cruiser style. They are the standard electric bike handlebars. You can adjust them but overall it’s just a different shape bike. So unless you specifically want a mint green bike I’d save $$ buy a white one for $750 off Amazon with a 350w bigger motor & battery. Also this bike lacks features like a horn or bell and the lights are AA battery operated not off the bike’s rechargeable battery. Also the seat does not lift forward for easy battery removal. So when you want to remove the battery you have to pull the seat off and then reposition it back to where you liked it! As you may want to remove the battery so it doesn’t get stolen this is a big design flaw that the other 2 bikes I was considering had. Also it took a very long time to put together. Much longer than the other electric bike we bought. Directions were terrible of course. Look for the YouTube videos they were a huge help. I would not buy again. This company and customer service were awesome! Shipping was good.

Thanks for your in-depth review Michael! The Malibu Elite 24V is the most affordable e-bike in the X-Treme line, so it will not have some of the features like the lights using the bike's battery that you mentioned. We appreciate your review :)

There was an error with the bike manufacturer, they sent wrong part.
Upzy took charge of my issue even though it wasn't their error, promptly ,properly and very professionaly.

Thanks for your great review and video Mario!! We try to make sure that all our customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently :)

Morgan Cycle Gas Pump Lamp Clock
Frank S. (Lubbock, TX, US)

Looks like a kids toy

The wine frig is “pretty” good, not “very good”

We have this outside in Maine as a built in. Here are our initial thoughts. Well made and packaged very well. Appears to cool down quickly and is very quiet. It also looks cool. While it says it is outdoor rated (top reason bought it) - the instructions say to only use it outdoors in a temperate climate (hmmm). Also it only holds 21 bottles of wine if they are thin ones. No Rose, Pinot or Syrahs. They just don’t fit. 60 cans of beer if they are 12oz ones. Will keep you posted on how it survives the winter.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Steve!! Enjoy your wine fridge :)

Morgan Cycle Gas Pump Lamp Clock
Jeff, F. (Pompano Beach, FL, US)
Gas pump

Outstanding craftsmanship

Thanks for your review Jeff! We agree, the craftsmanship on this Gas Pump Clock is second-to-none!

Love our new E-Bikes

We are very pleased with the quality of our 2 new Malibu Cruiser E-Bikes, solid bikes. My only complaint is the assembly instructions or lack of assembly instructions.

Thanks for your great review Thomas!! Regarding assembly instructions, if you need further assistance on this, you can email aftersales@upzy.com. Thanks again :)

nakto folding bike

great bike, fun to ride so far no problems! almost really too powerful!

Thanks for your great review Home! We agree, it's a powerful bike. Happy riding!!

My dream 4-wheel bicycle come true

I had always dreamt about getting a bicycle with four wheels and 7 speed gears. I could never find one this high quality and with 7 speed gears until I saw Upzy Surrey Limousine 4 pedalers 7 speed bike. It is truly amazing. First, glad it it NOT made in China with cheap stuff!! The metal, plastic, wheels, everything is superb quality. The size is absolutely perfect - it is not heavy and overly huge to add to weight and make pedaling hard - and it is not small and light and not made of flimsy stuff. The size is perfect, quality is excellent. I just don't have anything negative to say, everything is so A+ perfect. I love it and you will love too. This is absolutely a Mercedes class comparison. I am biking everyday even when I am alone, I prefer this to my 2-wheel bike as it is more fun and more comfortable. I bought this as a birthday present for myself to celebrate by 60th birthday and this is the best birthday present I have ever received.

Wow thanks for your amazing review Steve!! Happy birthday to you! We agree, the Surrey Limousine is perfect :) Here's to you enjoying it for many years to come!

Excellent customer service

I was having problems locating the correct battery for my electric bike and after a couple of failures I contacted this company and described the
bike to them and they were able to get the correct bike battery I needed and ship it. This company even contacted me after I received battery to make sure everything was all right and agreed to take the battery back if it was not the correct one. I appreciated their follow-up.

Thanks for your great review Theda!! We're glad to help :)

Prompt delivery (3 & 1/2 days)!

Only problem was the instruction manual was for a different bike the gb750 48v folder with rear suspension and looks like same controller. Do you have a better manual to explain controller function settings? Mind does not want to stay on the eco mode and automatically reverts to power every time it’s shut down.

HI Ralph, sorry to hear about the different manual, there must've been a slight mix-up. Can you please email aftersales@upzy.com and we can assist you with your question. Thank you :)

Adorable Mustang GT Custom Edition 12V Electric Ride-On Car-

The car is well made, with leather seats, a 5 point harness for added safety and it is absolutely adorable. Moderno kids went the extra mile to make sure that it had all the bells and whistles, including a blue tooth radio and little rubber floor mats. It really is well done. It came damaged from shipping, but when I emailed Upzy, they responded within 24 hours and they sent my information and pictures to Moderno who called me as soon as they got the information from Upzy- and they sent me out a replacement part. The customer service on the part of both companies was 5 stars. The toy itself is very cute and well done. I definitely recommend both Upzy and Moderno.

Thanks for your great review Linda!! We make sure to pack all items carefully before shipping them out, however what happens during shipping is not under our control unfortunately. It is a rare occurrence that this happened though- we're just glad we could rectify the situation for you! Enjoy the Ford Mustang!

Bathroom runner

A for effort for speedy delivery! So I purchased this trike to run back-and-forth to the bathroom house while camping it came in one box with no issue it did not include instructions thank God I’m able to turn a wrench and it’s turned into adult fun! Check out my modification!

Thanks Jennifer! Glad you're having fun with your trike!!


Kids love your equipment

Thanks, glad your kids love the ATV!!

battery para vicicleta

todo bien ya me llego ase unosdias

Gracias Efrain!

Very happy with item

Thanks Robert! We're happy you're happy :)

Eunorau HD Fat Bike

So far the bike is working fine know complents yet will let you know if I have any problems

Thanks for your review Anthony!!

Nice my husband really liked his purchase!

Thanks for your great review Dawn! Happy riding to your husband!

Great tub but took 14 weeks to get it but love it. Thanks. I know there are staffing issues in all felds.

Hi Martin! This particular tub is built-to-order, and combined with the current supply chain shortages led to the longer than usual lead time. We expect lead times to continue as per normal once the shortages are over. Thank you so much for your patience in receiving your order, we sincerely appreciate it!!

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