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Based on 1745 reviews
Best bike ever

I am so happy with my new bike. My husband and I are planning tto pedal it all around our campground. My grand daughter loves it and is so excited to ride with us!

Thanks for your wonderful review Margie!! We're so happy you, your husband and your granddaughter can share special moments on the Grantour! Have fun riding!!

Nut missing-fell off during shipping. Right chain not long enough due to crank being welded too far forward. Micheal the tech was very helpful in shipping me extra chain links and nut.

Hi Raymond, thanks for your review! We're glad we could resolve all the things you inquired about with your Surrey bike. Enjoy riding with your loved ones!!

We got the Zebra for our grandson and he loves it! It's big and furry and he is riding it all the time! Super nice!

Thanks for your great review Minet! We're happy your grandson loves his Zebra!!

Pricey for the quality

Item was pretty easy to put together. Gives a decent workout for quads and hip area. Possible issue with the product as it makes a crunching sound for the left pedal. Also, no speed adjustments for even a slight incline.

Thanks for your review Tracey! Regarding the left pedal, you can contact aftersales@upzy.com regarding it and we can assist. Thanks :)

Great Customer Service

I’am very please with the response from Upzy with my order. The order was filled, shipped and received a minimum of time. really great customer service Thank you allot Upzy.

Thanks so much for your awesome review Steven! We appreciate your kind words :)

Worth the wait.

So when I purchased this item it had said pre order. That was perfectly fine and it was during the madness of Xmas time. Thankfully the customer service I received was on point. Between emails and actually getting calls, I was impressed. Not to the companies fault, shipping containers were slow to arrival. However as soon as they landed and unloaded. My shipments arrived!! Ad promised they were 85% assembled. Although there were no instructions for the rest of the assembly. It was very easy to figure out how they were to be put together. Once together I was very happy. We are very happy with the quality. The ride is lovely as well. I would recommend upzy for their bicycle department.

Thanks for your wonderful review Jodi! And thanks for your understanding during the hectic Christmas season. We greatly appreciate your business. Here's to many years of happy bike riding for you!

Seem to be a good place to shop

The bike was okay some of the decals were tour how do I get new decals blue

Thanks for your nice review Jack! Feel free to email hello@upzy.com if you're looking for new decals :)

Adult trike

Quick delivery. Assembly quite easy. Love it.

Thanks for your great review Rich! Enjoy your trike :)

It's a asome trike

It's hard too assemble. Need better instructions . I love my new trike.

Thanks for your review Kelly! We're glad you love your new trike! Regarding assembly instructions, we've received feedback that they are fine, however feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance on it, we're happy to help. Thank you!

Hq rush v 300

Love it! I've been flying hq kites for a couple years. I use it on land and bodydrag in water with it at the beach. A lot of bang for the buck.

Thanks for your awesome review Randy! Happy kite flying!!

MotoTec Demon

If this were a more expensive bike, I couldn't give it 5 stars for quality. It is 5 stars for the price paid though. The battery has been long lasting. The speed settings are great. At first my daughter was afraid to ride. Over a couple weeks we kept speeding it up and she loves it!

Thanks for the 5 star review Craig!!

Go-Bowen Monster ELECTRIC 500W 36V 12Ah Kids ATV


It is everything that was stated on it's over viee

Gift deserved for my special Wife!

Thank you Upzy, for your fast service and excellent quality of your products, been looking for awhile for this bike and found you guys online, not only I was able to order this excellent bike, but also able to finance it through Klarna through hard times like right now, we are looking forward for updates reviews for this bike in the near future again thank you God Bless!

Thanks for your wonderful review and kind words Ati! We're so happy you're able to get this trike for your wife, and not only that, but finance it easily through Klarna as well! We hope you and your wife enjoy the trike for many years to come :)

2021 Ecotric STARFISH 350W 36V 20" Step-Through Folding Lithium Electric Bike

Golden Cycles Viper Fixie Single Speed City Bike, Matte Black/Red, GC-VIP

The scooter did not meet expectations already have issues with it.one good thing is the 90 day bumper to bumper warranty as for everything else you guys did an exceptional job one of the best companies I have dealt with thank you and keep up the excellent job

Thank you Paul for your kind words about us! Sorry to hear you're having issues. We are here to help any way we can. You can email aftersales@upzy.com and we can assist. Thank you :)

He love it so much I can't get him off it ty so much

He love it so much I can't get him off it ty so much

Thank you Wayne!

Everything about the bike was was great although when I when I unpackaged the bike the wires two wires have been cut and I and I'm just wondering if I spliced them together will it affect how far the battery will take me or I just don't know if in any case if it's affects anything you can could you please send me a new set of wires and and and I will hook them up myself but other than that everything about the bike was great oh and and another thing I want to ask you is there any is there any way I can get a larger battery where I can actually go further on it if so let me know thank you

Hi Keith, thanks for your review! That's extremely odd about the wires, that never happens. Could be due to shipping. Regardless, can you please email aftersales@upzy.com regarding the wires and we can assist you with that. The Newport Elite 24V doesn't have a larger battery option (the manufacturer doesn't make one). You can upgrade the battery on your own by purchasing aftermarket, however we caution that you have this done professionally at a bike shop as not all aftermarket batteries will be one-size fits all. Thank you Keith!

Knockout 2kw 60V - Mostly happy, should be more than 4 but less than 5

I actually only knock off part of a star for a couple of things. My use is for running around the property which is not flat and lightly rough. I have had it for only a few days so far. For 2000w it is a bit weak and I was expecting more! Is it really 2k? I am seeing 20-22kmph and it might get to 30kmph going downhill (km per hour not miles per hour) , but I am more interested in more low end and ability to climb slight hills on my property and it has some trouble. Overall I am okay with the design and build of it though. It has a sturdy feel and quality feel to components and is quiet.. The light is pretty bright and is a spot light style beam. I would like a broader beam for my trails at night so will try upgrading that. There is a switch by the throttle - I and II - which I assume is for speed which isn't mentioned in the manual. It seems to get a couple more km when on II. The brakes have a nice feel and work good. A nice display by the throttle for the battery charge level, speed, and distance (in km). The seat is a bit soft so I feel the bumps. I just stand up though for some of the riding and it is nice to have the flat bottom to stand on. The battery compartment sticking out the bottom is a bit low for some obstacles. The back tire is not working very well for me. No traction on wet ground as they are just groves. Would be fine for pavement but I don't have any. I will need to get tires with some kind of knobby tread. There is no regen or e-brake and since I am always going up and down hills it would be nice to have. I don't know if there is any programmability of the controller.

The packaging was adequate to survive the abuse by Fedex. It was cardboard around a metal frame and everything was well strapped in to the frame with wire. Once it was out I only had to install the handlebars. Mirrors and backrest were also packaged separate but I have not installed them. The manual is almost useless and in typically poorly translated English, but I was able to understand the battery hookup from it. This was the only thing in the process that wasn't obvious. There are two different kinds of batteries. One in the bottom and one below the seat. There is a connector for one at a time to be plugged in. There is a wire with a plug that plugs into either the battery below the seat or a plug under the seat for the battery in the bottom compartment. The battery below the seat is easily removable. The charger would not plug into the second battery. since the plug type does not exactly match. (The middle tab is the wrong direction which is not a problem if the plug allows for both, but the charger plug doesn't.) The manual doesn't say anything about charging but was pretty simple to figure out. Most likely you should make sure the battery is plugged into the charger before plugging and unplugging the charger from the wall. A green light says it is charged. and red says it is charging. It also has a little fan inside that runs while it is charging. It only took a couple hours to top off the battery the first time. I have not run the battery down yet. I have only run it around for about 10-15 minutes at a time and then recharged. The display has 5 bars for the charge and I have run down to 3 each time. My hills probably means I probably have less than half hour of constant riding on one battery. I will be mainly using this to get to places to do things and so it should be fine. If I was going to play hard with it I think the range might be a bit low.

I am happy with the purchase through upzy. No problem there.
Fedex took an extra week to deliver which is understandable for weather but I am so tired of not being able to get accurate tracking info from them! There was a big dent in the bottom end of the package that was absorbed by the frame and probably the tire. So the packaging worked.
The Knockout has been a pleasant surprise of quality but a bit weak on the power side. With 2kw motor it should have either more speed or there should be more torque!
I think I will be able to get use out of it though. Don't have any reliability info yet.

Hi Doug, thanks for your comprehensive and informative review! We're really glad you're happy with your purchase through us!

Upzy, absolute the best online store.

All I can say is thank you Rachel and Joe. I wanted four "Black" Nakto 26" step through e-bikes. Rachel checked with her Warehouse and assured me that they had them and they were ready to ship. I received all four at the same time in less than two weeks. My family was surprised and very excited to see and assemble their bikes. They had no idea I ordered the e-bikes. The bikes are beautiful and awesome to ride. I must say, the headlight on one bike was not working. I emailed Upzy and Joe reached out to me and within a couple of days to my surprise, I received a brand new headlight. I strongly recommend the Upzy online store for online shopping. By the way the price for all four e-bikes was the lowest online. Under $645.00 and free shipping to Riverside,CA. I truly Love the Upzy Family. Thank General Maxie

Wow, thanks so much for the in-depth and wonderful review General Maxie! Our team tries really hard to make sure all our customers are happy and satisfied with their orders, and it's reviews like yours that truly make our day! We're glad your family is happy with all 4 e-bikes, and that we could deliver it fast and provide support for you. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else :)



Thank you for your lovely review Shironda! Your grandson looks like he's having fun in the pictures! Hope you and him enjoy riding the moped for many years to come :)

MBS Dylan Warren II Pro 97 Mountainboard 10405



Thank you Tony!

Re: go kart!

I bought through another company before buying from upzy.
This company was great to work with and they delivered as promised.
Thank you!

Hi Shawna! Thank you for choosing Upzy, we greatly appreciate it!

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