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Based on 1508 reviews
Hi John, thanks for your review! Sorry if you're having trouble with the instructions. If you need assistance on that, we're happy to help. You can email aftersales@upzy.com. Thank you!
Great bike, terrible instructions
Thanks for your review Anna! Sorry if you were having trouble with the instructions. We find a little technical experience is useful but not necessary when assembling the trike. Glad you got it sorted out! If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us. Thanks and happy riding!
I love my new trike!
Fine product, post sales service? Upzy has heard of it.

Hi Dan, thanks for your in-depth and informative review.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused on your order!  In terms of aftersales, we get back to all our customers as soon as we can.  I see you had sent us an email asking for assembly assistance, and we responded the next day. If we didn't get back to you fast enough, we're really sorry about that.  In terms of assembly, yes, having some technical experience is useful in assembling the Meteor.  Some customers are able to assemble the Meteor themselves using the instructions given, and some opt to hire a local professional.  Regardless, we want to make sure you're happy with your order!  If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to aftersales@upzy.com.  Thank you Dan 

best bike
Yay! Happy riding Raymond!
Very happy.
Thanks David! You're great too!
Thank you for your honest review Irene. We greatly appreciate it!
Absolutely perfect. I love mine.
Thanks for your in-depth and awesome review Tayler! We agree, the build quality on this Razor scooter is second to none. Here's to many years of happy riding for you!
Kickbike Cross Fit - Excellent product
Excellent service
Please respond
Hi Dan, thanks for your review. Please email hello@upzy.com and state which parts you'd like, and we can assist you. Thank you
we didn't receive it from the address I sent it too.
Hi Michael, sorry to hear about that. Did you contact UPS regarding this yet? Feel free to also email aftersales@upzy.com if you need assistance. Thank you
I love it
Hi Dave, the basket ships separately from the bike, so it is on its way to you. Thank you :)
i love it
Hi Sean, please email aftersales@upzy.com with details on how the headlight isn't working so we can assist you. Thank you :)
Top of the line
Thanks Michael! We agree :)
Excellent service
Well built, but bit under powered! Thumbs up for Upzy.com on Delivery!
Thanks for your great review Arrycomm! We always strive to ship things out in a timely way and we pack all our bikes meticulously to make sure that they arrive to you in perfect condition. Happy riding your Skylark!
Yay! We're so glad you're happy with the gift you got your grandson. Hope he rides it for many years to come!
All is well
Thanks Joseph! We greatly appreciate your kind words of our quick order cycle and the excellent condition of the bikes we send. Enjoy riding your Dahon Briza D8 for many years to come!
Nice charger
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