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This bike is amazing for the price

I ride $6,000 carbon niner hardtail. Ive had lots of bikes over the years. I wanted a nice bike for my 15 year old who mostly rides on pavement, but occasionally hits an easy trail in the woods. I cant have him riding a 45lb walmart bike. For just over $300 bucks, this bike is amazing. The frame is quality with nice geometry. It can easily upgraded to make this even bettr in the future. The 1x9 drivertrain shifts very smoothly and looks durable. It’s not Shimano, but for a $300 bike, it’s great. The grips and shifter are quality. Nice searpost and decent saddle. The radius hydraulic brakes really surprised me how nice they are. The weakest point on the bike are the pedals (already replaced with $15 aluminum pedals from amazon) and the bottom bracket. The BB should hold up to a $135 lb 15 year old, but could easily be replaced if need be. Bike is about 30 lbs. Overall a solid 9.5/10… 11/10 for the price I paid…

Thanks for your awesome review Chad, and for providing a great picture! We agree, this Alpaka for its high quality and price point is amazing and hard to beat! Like you said, a solid 11/10 for the price paid! :)


We all know there is a bulky awkward $2000 elliptical stepper bike on the market. YIKES! This is the better choice by far and you’ll save a lot of money!!! It stores like a regular bike! I love riding it. It’s soooo fun. 🧡

Thanks for your awesome review Peggy! We agree, this is the better choice by far! :)

Tire purchased

Good quality and right size.
Just wish I could find one for my 8 inch rim

Thanks for your great review Terry! Are you looking for the 8 inch rear tire for the Fatboy? If so, we sell it here:

If you're looking for the complete wheel, we sell it here too:

Great bike

Thanks Eric!!

Way fun!!

Perfect timing for nice weather! Bigger tires make it for a smooth ride. I’m 5’4” and the handle bars are comfortable. Good fun as an adult! Just ordered a second one.

Thanks for your awesome review Patti!!

Works fine

Works fine

Stock chain

Works well for replacement. Don’t use if you upgraded your motor for it may break hints the replacement.

Thanks for your review Nico!!

I absolutely love the bike!

Thanks Mike! We're stoked you love your Voltaic Flying Fox electric dirt bike!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Internet interaction on website was easy! Product was delivered quickly! Part was exactly as described!! I am stoked about the whole interaction!! Good job gals and guys!!

Thanks for your awesome review Angelo!! Glad you're stoked and the shopping process was easy for you!

Fun and great exercise

I was looking for some type of fun outdoor exercise that would get my heart rate up but I did not want a traditional bicycle. This is not an elliptical bike. Typical elliptical bikes cost a lot more money. This stepper bike is perfect as an entry level option. I also had no problem getting used to the stepping motion and I take it out each day for a short ride around my neighborhood to get a fun cardio workout in while enjoying the outdoors. Today I folded it up and put it in my car to give it a ride at a local park. Easy breezy! So happy with my investment.

Thanks for your awesome review Donna! We agree, this Brizon stepper is a lot of fun and perfect for getting some outdoor exercise!!

Love it

Very beautiful and good quality bike.

Thanks for your awesome review Vivi!!

Tao rhino 250

Overall worth the money. Minor tweaking like loose bolts. Good service

Thanks for your awesome review Danny! Enjoy your Rhino :)

Eastern Bikes GROWLER 29" Cruiser BMX Bicycle, Ages 13+
Christopher M. (Saint Johns, MI, US)

It did not come with 3 piece cranks.
I was sure it was supposed to.
Other then that was as discribed.

Thanks for your nice review Christopher!!

Tao cheetah 125 platinum

Five star review for upzy! I recently ordered a mid sized tao cheetah 4 wheeler off their online site. Ordered it on a Saturday and was amazed when I received a call from their delivery service on the following Wednesday saying they'd be arriving with my purchase within the hour! 4 wheeler arrived undamaged and as advertised. Assembled it in an hour and it fired right up at the first press of the ignition. Couldn't be happier. I have a hard time believing that any negative reviews of upzy lie at the feet of the company, but rather the purchasers who either didn't research the product they were buying, or neglected to read upzy's policy statements. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for your awesome review Ryan! And for supporting our family owned business. We appreciate the research you did before buying the product and are so happy that you're happy with it. Enjoy riding your ATV :)

Great Bike, Great Buying experience

The web site was easy to use, and the experience could not have been better. I got several emails about my shipment which was helpful and assured me I made the correct choice using this platform for my Son's Bike and emails accurate and we recieved the bike within the timeframe shown on the email notifications. The bike came in perfect condition, almost fully put together. My sone absolutely loved the bike and it worked great with no issues for my son. I would recommend this bike to anyone and UPZY for the purchase platform. The one critique I have is the Serial Number of the bike is not on any of the online emails (receipts) and would love it to be listed on one of the emailed receipts. The reason for this request is 9 days after the bike was purchased, it has been stolen and I did not copy the serial number down from the box or the bike. Where I opened the box, it ripped the Serial Number on the box and it was unreadable. Therefore, if the exact purchases serial number was on the receipt, I would have been able to get that on the police report submission.

Thanks very much for your nice review James. We'll take note of your serial number request. We're truly sorry to hear that your bike was stolen :( If you'd like to purchase a replacement one, feel free to reach out to us, we can assist in giving you a good deal.

Grandson Approved!

Our grandson loves his John Deere tricycle and hauler. It’s well made and has already been used for some child size snow removal.

Thanks for your nice review Joan!! We're so happy your grandson loves his John Deere tricycle and hauler :)

Awesome, just Awesome...🙂

Awesome trike for me to get around to vist my friends 10 to 20 blocks away. With bad nerve problem in my Right leg it let's me get out of the house to have fun
And our grandson lives it to.

Thanks for your nice review Ric!! We agree this electric trike is awesome :)

Great buy

Bike looks awesome, great price, shipping was free which makes it better for customers like me.

Thanks for your great review Eduardo!!

Coolest Kickbike ever

Happily tried it out in the snow with both of my Malamutes. Brakes work fine!
Just had some issues with lowering the rear wheel, brake was scratching, brought it to our handyman, came back perfect!

Thanks for your lovely review!!

First brand new bicycle

That should be brakes and not breaks. These phones have a mind of their own.

Thanks so much for your lovely review and video Jacqueline!! Enjoy riding! :)


Buisness was ok. I wish the price was cheaper tho

Thanks for your nice review David!!

Like so far…

Had a hard time getting stepwing assembled —- had to take to a fitness equipment expert to finish assembly. Haven’t used yet. Looks good, waiting for good weather to learn how to use. Took a long time to receive it.

Thanks for your nice review Thada! :)
The delay on your order was a one-off occurrence, it was due to your specific order being a pre-order. Usually this stepper ships and delivers in 5-7 business days.

Fun in the sun

I gt my Brizon and found it super simple to put together. I was don in near minutes. Then the fun began when I started to ride it. It was a little awkward at first, but then I got used to it and find it a fun way to exercise with zero impact. In just a few minutes, I felt the workout the bike was giving me. So much fun. Thanks

Thanks for your amazing review Luis!! We're glad you're having lots of fun riding your Brizon Wingflyer stepper bike! :)


Chain does fit. Tooth size is wrong length is wrong. I wouldn’t take another item from them if they paid Me.

Thanks for your review Aaron! This is a direct replacement chain for the specific MotoTec 1000W 48V Electric Mini Bike model. If you're using it on another bike model, then it will not be a direct fit for it. If you need further assistance, you can email Thank you :)

Great supply

Packaged well, Great Price, easy ordering, Would buy from again!!!!

Thanks for your great review Stephen!!