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Great but more power than I need?

Love all the power of this bike. Only think I can't figure out is how to turn off pedal assist so I can ride and use throttle as needed. Pedal assist is doing too much of the work! Any ideas? Thanks

Hi Erin! Thanks for your great review, we're glad you love your Nakto e-bike! Regarding your question, you can reach out to aftersales@upzy.com and we can assist you with that :)

Let’s you motor around on bike so far so good, could send with mirrors and larger head light and tail light for better safety on night driving.

Great bike - highly recommended

My 4.5 year old is learning to balance on his first day with this bike. The lack of pedals makes it so much easier to focus.


Great scooter for six yr old twins.... loved it so much had to get another one for our 9 yr old daughter. Best price on them also.

Thanks for the great review Stephanie! We're so glad the kids love the Y-Volution scooter. Happy riding :)
Good customer service

The wrong battery was sent originally but they sent the correct one to me and a mailing label to return the wrong one

Hi Mary, thanks for your review! It's a rare occurrence for us to send you the incorrect battery. As you mentioned, your new battery was sent asap. Thanks for working with us on this, we greatly appreciate it :)

Great communication and a great deal! Thank you!

Best decision ever!!

Easy and comfortable ride.

Pre trial

Need to try it off road a little bit before I can make an assessment.

Really cool trike!

Love my new trike. It rides nice, looks cool, and it's low to the ground, and that's what I needed since I have trouble with my balance due to Meniere's disease. I'm excited to be able to ride again with my family.

Great Bike

It's well made and paint is ausme. Oil slick keeps changing colors. A good sturdy bike

Nakto Electric Bike Lithium Battery Various Models

Performer Recumbent

Very nice bike. Easy to assemble if you have some knowledge of road bikes. Underseat steering takes some getting used to. But required for my arms. Still fine tuning. Turning takes time, no sharp turns. I am 6' 1" and had to cut 4 inchs off the boom. So it would handle someone really tall.

Best Deal on the Internet by Far!

The price was better than any others available and I had tried to negotiate with two other companies. Free shipping and the spring discount sealed the deal for me, thank you !

Thanks for your kind words and great review Karen! We're glad to have you in the Upzy Family! Free shipping and the best prices around- that's what we're all about :)
Awesome bike

My boyfriend and I please purchase two bikes And have been riding since the day we received awesome purchase the bike looks more expensive than what it actually was in the customer service team answered all questions a little lag in delivery time because we live in the NE.
The is definitely worth the money!! Fun and enjoyable ride

Thanks for the great feedback and review April! We're glad you and your boyfriend are enjoying your Nakto e-bikes. Happy riding! :)

This is my second joyrider. Love both. May get one for my grandkids.


Excellent service!

The part that I actually ordered was damaged before delivery so the informed me that I can wait for a new shipment or go ahead and get a different option and they would match the price. They apologized and kept in communication and we did go with a different one and our daughter loves it!

Thank you for your great feedback Kylie! Yes, so what happened was that the last of this item had a scratch on it, so we did not want to ship that one out to you (or any of our other customers), which is why we recommended an alternative. Our goal is to maintain product integrity and only send our customers items in mint and pristine condition. Thank you for your kind words and feedback- we're so glad your daughter loves the ATV!
Performer bicycle

Bike is very comfortable. I like it but instructions to put it together not easy to figure out by bike shop experienced tech. No manual. Could make it so much easier with better instructions and a manual. Seat sways side to side? Not smooth gears?

Thanks for your feedback Tamara! Please reach out to aftersales@upzy.com with regards to your manual, seat, and gearing questions and we can assist you with that :)
Great cart.

Great well built cart. My grandson loves it. I took a ride on it and I like it. I think it is a little pricey and should have a cup holder standard. Lol.

My favorite scooter

I've had this scooter for over a year and it is my overall favorite. The Kickbike website says it is recommended for rider 4'11" to 5'10" tall. At 5'2" with short arms, I find it very comfortable. My 6'2" tall husband feels it's too small for him. I encourage buyers to pay attention to the height recommendations from Kickbike. I bought the Kickbike Cross Max (recommended for riders 5'5" to 6'9" tall) and found the riding position too much of a stretch for me (my long-armed husband loves it!). I like the upright riding position of the Clix and use it frequently to scoot next to my husband while he runs.

The scooter is stable and provides a good workout if I push it, or just a fun easy scoot if I go slow. This scooter is less efficient than the Kickbike Sport G4 which I also own, so I pick my scooter based on how much speed and exercise I want. For a fast, athletic workout, I ride the G4. The Clix is easier to transport and I typically use it for riding around town, gravel roads, and some dirt hiking trails. The tires are wide enough for comfort on smooth trails or rough pavement. It works fine in the rain with almost no diminished stopping ability on wet pavement. The tires don't have enough traction for slick mud. The small wheel size doesn't leave much room for a pump head and is less easy to pump up. My longest scoot to date is 20 miles.

Over the months my Clix has developed a noticeable click (no pun intended) coming from somewhere under the footplate. I imagine this is somehow related to the main folding joint but can't find the source of this noise and it doesn't seem to be a problem other than being noticeable. It is easy enough to fold, but I don't often do so. It fits in our RV best without folding. I fold it to fit in the back of the car, but can leave the handlebars/stem extended. Sometimes I fold the main joint when locking the scooter outside because I think it will befuddle potential thieves. Overall this is my favorite scooter!

Performer JC-20 Recumbent Trike

Excellent service

I purchased two electric bikes from Upzy. Initially I did not receive the discount but when I sent an email that was quickly remedied. Then only one bike was delivered which turned out to be a FedEx accident and Upzy once again got it quickly corrected. I previously got two electric bikes from the same company and received the same great service. Totally recommend Upzy!

Hi Kim! Thank you so much for your great feedback and review, and for ordering 2 e-bikes from us! We're so glad you're happy with your purchase. It's the perfect time of year to go biking right now :)

Haven’t ridden it yet, but it went together easy enough.

Best Bike ever

I have gone green,parking my car for the spring, summer and fall hope it all goes good I'll be saving and saving mother earth

Thanks for your great feedback and review Joann! Riding your Nakto Fashion e-bike is definitely a great way to go green :)
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