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Brizon Stepwing WINGFLYER W16 Folding Stepper Exercise Bike, 99166

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With the smooth up and down motion, the Brizon Stepwing WINGFLYER W16 stepper fitness exercise bike provides an easy and comfortable workout that eliminates the neck, back and seat pain associated
with traditional bikes.

The W16 is foldable and has a height adjustable stem for easy storage.  It's a suitable size for most riders.

This is not a "stationary" exercise bike, but rather one that gives you a workout and moves at the same time.

~ Benefits of the WINGFLYER W16 Stepper Bike ~

  • EASY TO RIDE:The up and down motion is great fun and is an easy exercise to tighten up the hips and result in a good body shape.
  • SAVE TIME:The W16 is a highly efficient fitness bike compared with a normal bicycle. You can burn 33% more calories to save time on training.
  • CORE MUSCLE TRAINER:One needs to balance while riding upright so the core muscles will be exerted with every step.  The W16 also exercises the glutes and arm muscles.
  • EASY ON YOUR JOINTS:Upright riding can eliminate soreness from the waist, neck, seat and back and the pumping action is gentle on the knees and ankles.
  • STUNNING DESIGN:With its modern and sleek aesthetics, the W16 is a real attention grabber. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Height adjustable – 120/113/102cm (47/44/40”)
  • 16 inch wheels
  • Weight 14kg (32lbs)
  • Weight Capacity 250-300 lbs
  • Single speed
  • Front and amp; rear V-Brakes
  • Foldable Stem 


  • Height adjustable: 120 x 113 x 102cm (47" x 44" x 40”)
  • Folded dimensions:   28 x 59 cm / 50.4" x 23.23" 
  • Individual pedal width:  4 1/2" wide
  • Gap between pedals (inside edge to inside edge):  4 1/2 - 5"
  • Lowest ground clearance when pedals are in straight position:  4-5"
  • Highest ground clearance when pedals are in straight position:  14"

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
E A. (Jerusalem, JM, IL)
Great fun and exercise

This a fun scooter to ride and a nice workout. Upzy is a great company to order from. They communicated with me from the beginning to ensure the order was correct and that I was happy with my purchase.

Thanks for your awesome review!! Glad you're happy with your purchase :)

PEGGY G. (Queens, NY, US)

We all know there is a bulky awkward $2000 elliptical stepper bike on the market. YIKES! This is the better choice by far and you’ll save a lot of money!!! It stores like a regular bike! I love riding it. It’s soooo fun. 🧡

Thanks for your awesome review Peggy! We agree, this is the better choice by far! :)

Donna O. (San Diego, CA, US)
Fun and great exercise

I was looking for some type of fun outdoor exercise that would get my heart rate up but I did not want a traditional bicycle. This is not an elliptical bike. Typical elliptical bikes cost a lot more money. This stepper bike is perfect as an entry level option. I also had no problem getting used to the stepping motion and I take it out each day for a short ride around my neighborhood to get a fun cardio workout in while enjoying the outdoors. Today I folded it up and put it in my car to give it a ride at a local park. Easy breezy! So happy with my investment.

Thanks for your awesome review Donna! We agree, this Brizon stepper is a lot of fun and perfect for getting some outdoor exercise!!

Luis L. (Wesley Chapel, FL, US)
Fun in the sun

I gt my Brizon and found it super simple to put together. I was don in near minutes. Then the fun began when I started to ride it. It was a little awkward at first, but then I got used to it and find it a fun way to exercise with zero impact. In just a few minutes, I felt the workout the bike was giving me. So much fun. Thanks

Thanks for your amazing review Luis!! We're glad you're having lots of fun riding your Brizon Wingflyer stepper bike! :)

Libby M. (Tucson, AZ, US)
A Bit Tippy...

Because of the foot paddles, it is a bit cumbersome to stabilize yourself. I am looking into some training wheels! Like the bike but it will require a learning curve.

Hi Libby, thanks for your review. Yes there may be a learning curve on occasion, depending on the user. If you need any help, feel free to reach out. Thank you :)