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Bike Rollers

A bike roller, also known as a bicycle roller or simply rollers, is a training device used by cyclists to improve their balance, pedaling technique, and overall cycling skills. It consists of three cylindrical drums or rollers mounted on a frame.  The cyclist places their bicycle on the rollers, with the front and rear wheels resting on two of the drums while the middle drum remains stationary.

When the cyclist starts pedaling, the rotating drums underneath the wheels create a rolling motion.  The rider must maintain balance and control by using their core muscles and steering the bike to stay centered on the rollers.  Unlike stationary bike trainers, which keep the bike in a fixed position, bike rollers require the cyclist to actively balance the bike as they ride.

Bike rollers offer several benefits to cyclists: 

  • They help improve pedaling efficiency, develop a smooth and fluid pedal stroke, enhance balance and stability, and refine bike handling skills. 
  • Riding on rollers can also provide a good cardiovascular workout and help cyclists maintain or improve fitness during periods of inclement weather or when outdoor riding is not possible.

While bike rollers provide a unique training experience, they require some practice and skill to master, especially for beginners.  However, with time and practice, cyclists can benefit greatly from incorporating bike rollers into their training regimen.

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