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Sidewalker Scooters

At first glance many think that a Sidewalker scooter is a bike, until the inevitable question arises “where is the seat?”  A kick scooter easily handles bumps and potholes providing the convenience and maneuverability of a bike, with the added comfort of riding in an upright position to lessen the strain on the back. 

Whether you consider them to be bicycles without seats or scooters with bicycle wheels, Sidewalker scooters are can be referred to as many things, including scooter bikes, push bikes, kick bikes, push scooters, kick scooters, adult scooters, non-motorized scooters and more. No matter what you call them, they never lose their practicality and the fun of their riding experience.

Riding a scooter is a low impact workout with cardiovascular benefits that helps to strengthen the body and improve posture.  With one foot placed firmly on the Sidewalker’s platform, kick with the other leg and feel the scooter smoothly glide over the road.  Change the kicking foot to work out both sides of the body equally.  Enjoy the scenery as you go whizzing by standing upright and not hunched over the handlebars.

Sidewalker Scooters’ Micro, Willy and City models give the rider more of a workout than cycling with much less of the jarring impact on joints than jogging or running.  With fewer mechanics, the rider enjoys a lower center of gravity and more freedom of movement.  And forget about the pain in the rear end that comes with sitting on an uncomfortable bike seat.

If you have ever tried cross-country skiing, you will be familiar with the sensation of kicking a scooter.  The large muscle groups used in cross-country skiing are the same ones that get a workout when kicking a Sidewalker Scooter.  Concentrating on the larger muscle groups is a key factor when trying to lose or control one’s weight through exercise.  The leg that remains stationary on the scooter uses the anterior thigh muscles, while the kicking leg focuses on the posterior thigh and calf muscles, also engaging the hips and buttocks.

Sidewalker scooters were originally designed in Europe and are manufactured in Taiwan to meet the highest quality standards.  Since 1999, we have distributed and shipped out of our warehouses in Buffalo, New York and Toronto, ON to all of North America and beyond.

The design of Sidewalker Scooters makes transportation simple.  There is no chain with oil to stain your fingers and clothing, and no gears to adjust.  Stepping on and off the scooter is simple and you can easily share it with a friend or relative because you never have to adjust the height of the seat. Most Sidewalker owners use their scooters for everyday activities like trips to the grocery store and walking the dog.  The average speed is about 15 miles per hour, but can go as fast as 20 mph, with the security of front and rear v-brakes.

Sidewalker Scooters have set records throughout the world with one European team riding them 342 miles in 24 hours and another going 970 miles in 10 days through a Russian mountain range on snow and gravel covered roads.  You probably won’t face terrain like this on a daily basis but it’s nice to know that your scooter has withstood these tough riding conditions and is strong and durable enough to handle whatever you need it to maneuver.

Sidewalker Scooters have a sleek and unique design and functionality.  Don’t be surprised to hear people exclaim “What’s that?” as you zip by and “Cool! Where can I get one of those?”


Sidewalker Scooters’ current line of products includes three models.  Each boasts a strong frame, pneumatic tires, sturdy v-brakes and good ergonomics.  When choosing the Sidewalker to best meet your needs consider factors such as the terrain in the area where you live and the kinds of outings you will make on your Sidewalker.  Are you a commuter?  Is foldability important to you?  If so, the MICRO is a natural choice. For smoothest ride on long straight runs, choose the CITY.  In crowded areas , the WILLY excels with great maneuverability.