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2024 Green Bike USA GB1 500W 48V 10Ah Folding Electric Bike

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The new Green Bike USA GB1 electric bicycle is one of the most popular e-bikes on the market today.  It features a 20 inch aluminum foldable electric bike and powerful 48V 10Ah lithium ion battery.

This e-bike is super lightweight at only 52 lbs.

Most electric bikes in the price range of less than 1k do not have powerful 10 Ah batteries, let alone have a folding frame.   So you are truly getting an affordable and great value electric bicycle in one sleek looking package!

A new addition to this year's model is a seat suspension, to make your ride more comfortable and smooth.

The All-New GB-1 comes with these upgrades:

  • Battery is bigger 48V/10ah with USB EXIT
  • Battery color same as frame color
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • Wider handlebar for better maneuvering
  • Puncture resistance tires with light reflector
  • Magnets to connect folding sides of the bike and avoid the bike get scratches – this is crucial if you would like to walk with the bike folded (in subways/trains)
  • Left/right turn signals + brake light

    Product Specifications:

    • Motor: 500W
    • Removable Battery: 48V, 10Ah
    • Total Weight:  56 lb
    • Battery Weight:  7.5 lb
    • Range: Up to 40 Miles
    • Charge time: 3 - 6 hours
    • LED multi function display
    • 3 Levels Pedal Assist
    • USB Outlet
    • Rear rack
    • Excellent front suspension
    • Wide handlebar for easy maneuvering
    • Shimano Gear 7
    • MAGNET to connect folding bike 2 sides
    • Recommended rider height: 5'+
    • Seat to floor: 32"
    • Seat to pedal: 26"
    • Step over: 16"
    • Max Tire Pressure: 30 PSI
    • Recommended rider height: 5'2"+ 
    • Minimum Seat High: 31"
    • Folding DImension: 36*17*28
    • Weight Limit: 275 LBS

    Safety Features: 

    • Brakes lights
    • Left & right signals
    • Front & rear lights with control from the display
    • Front & rear disc brakes
    • Reflective Tire Sidewall Stripping

    *You can email for any questions on max speed.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Leif L. (Rocky Hill, CT, US)
    Greenbike GB1

    The bike set up easily and after pumping up the tires, it performed perfectly right out of the box. No complaints, the bike is everything I expected and more.

    Awesome! We're glad you're enjoying the bike Leif. Happy riding!

    Raymond J. (Hamburg, NY, US)


    Andrea S. (Salinas, CA, US)
    Good Job, Upzy!

    I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of ordering and how quickly the order arrived! After a miserable experience with an overseas order (for another brand of ebike) that I had to ultimately cancel, Upzy's entire process was a breath of fresh air! We love the bike and are enjoying it immensely! If we had remained with the other order, we'd still be waiting! The bike is great and arrived in great shape (there was a minor glitch with the cables to the headlight, which had pulled out during shipping somehow, but we are going to fix that). It worked right away and folds up so small, but when folded out, it's very solid and sturdy!

    Thank you very much for your kind words Andrea! We're so glad you're enjoying your GB1 electric bike. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

    Hank W.
    Update Our GB1

    As promised, here's an update after using our GreenBike for about six months. We probably have 250 to 300 miles on it now...we just ride for fun. We still are thrilled with the service our GB1 gives us. We have had no problems at all with this fine machine (haven't even added air to the tires yet) except that I folded the handlebar the wrong way when loading the bike and ripped the connectors off the wires to the fault. I found new connectors online at DigiKey and affixed them a little better in case I do this again.

    Thanks again for such a first-class product!

    We are regularly stopped by onlookers when we take our bike out of the car trunk, unfold it and roll. We even have had five or six people yell out "Love your bike!" as we passed their houses. Never seen that kind of response for anything we've bought in the past.

    Hank W.
    First Experiences With Our New GreenBike GB1

    I ordered the GB1 E-bike as a birthday present for my wife. We are both around 70, and it has become difficult for her to keep up with me and moderate hills cause the riding to cease and the pushing to begin. As a result, we did almost no biking anymore and missed that a lot.

    While we have had our GreenBike for a few weeks, the weather has been so wet and miserable that we've only had one significant my review is not as complete as I would like, but here goes:

    The Super Scooter Store is great in our minds. The price from them seemed quite attractive, and I liked the looks of the bike, but I didn't have any experience with them or the bike (or any E-bike), so I had a little bit of apprehension, especially since their were NO reviews on the bike at all. So, here's the first one. I hope it helps you out.

    I ordered the bike on a Friday morning and we had it the following Tuesday, using the standard Free Shipping! The bike was well-packaged and protected for shipping...not a scratch was on it. The billing was accurate and the discount they listed (if you used the "secret code") was applied properly. So I was very pleased with them going in. Now, how about the Green Bike?

    It took only 20 or 30 minutes to get it ready to ride, except the battery was supposed to be fully charged before riding. That took about two hours and then we awaited decent weather. Meanwhile, we read the manual entirely and looked at everything very closely. Our initial reactions were that the
    bike was of very nice quality. It's very solid and a bit heavier and larger than we expected compared with our old foot-powered folding bikes. But the frame is all beautifully welded aluminum with some stainless steel running gear, so it's probably about as light as you could expect.

    It has many more features than I expected, including a brilliant
    "light-up-the-street" LED headlamp (and a nice bright taillight too); a cute little bell (which I relocated to the left handlebar for easier access);...