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Hansa Creations Emperor Penguin 29" Large Handcrafted Stuffed Animal Toy 3266

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The Hansa hand-engineered 29 Inch Lifelike Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal is an amazingly realistic and brilliantly designed stuffed animal that will last a lifetime.

Our lifelike stuffed emperor penguin has a one of a kind appearance and a high level of quality that can not be matched.   Hand cut fabrics, hand sewn stitches, and a hand finished face are just a few of the things that go into the thoughtful and highly skilled creation of this stuffed emperor penguin.  

The specific characteristics of an emperor penguin come remarkably alive in this stuffed animal with pinpoint accuracy and its soulful eyes only further the necessity for calling it lifelike.  

The Lifelike Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal by Hansa is an unforgettable gift for avid nature lovers, animal lovers, collectors, and young ones.  Children are certain to learn about nature while having lots of fun with this stuffed emperor penguin, a feat that many toys strive for but only a few accomplish.  

The care put into creating this lifelike stuffed emperor penguin is only a fraction of the love it is bound to receive from its lucky new owner!  

~ Upzy ❤️ the Hansa Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal ~

  • Originally created for exclusive European collectors
  • Meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat
  • Hansa's chief designer pulls from his background in anatomy when researching each animal
  • Fabric used for spotted and striped animals is custom-designed to Hansa's exacting specifications in small quantities
  • All fabric used is hand-cut from intricate patterns and hand-trimmed by Hansa artisans, never stamped out by machines
  • Toys that Teach tag describes each animal'shabitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of their young and eating habits

The Hansa Story

Artisan hand sew the animals "inside out", an old world tradition that results in the mininization of seams, and their bodies are carefully "sculpted" to create "musculature" and "features" like movement in a walking or sitting position that are unique to each creature.

On average, there are 42 separate pieces required to make each animal, that must be combined by a team of truly creative artists to create the distinctly realistic features that characterize HANSA animals. (Some animals have as many as 240 different parts!)

Each animal is individually hand sewn, to give it a unique "personality", there are more than 860 different fabrics and man-made furs from which the "coat" and "hides" are made, along with over 6000 sets of different eyes, whiskers, claws, noses, and related accessories allocated for creating these wonderful plush animals.  Stuffing emphasizes careful attention to the placement of the highest quality man-made materials.

When you hold these wonderfully "life-like" animals, you will see and feel HANSA's emphasis on quality, which is a result of careful attention to design, custom fabric selection, cutting, sewing, stuffing, eye placement, feature creation, framing, air brushing and finishing.  Since each animal is hand sewn, there will be slight variations in appearance. 


Product Specifications:

Item Weight

4.01 pounds

Shipping Weight

4.01 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty

30 day 

Age range

3 years and up


  • Length: 13.39"
  • Width: 9.84"
  • Height: 29"
  • Position: Standing

Kindly note that this is a 100% genuine Hansa Creations product, manufactured and shipped directly from Hansa Creations.  Beware of knock-offs with a significantly reduced price. 



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