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Leo II Lightest Standing Portable Manual Wheelchair

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Free Shipping.  This is a custom, built-to-order product.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

The Leo II Lightest Standing Portable Manual Wheelchair is stylish, lightweight, user friendly, and also the lightest standing wheelchair in the world!  If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to stand-up regularly by yourself, the Leo II is the perfect choice.

The Leo II comes with a solid front wheel and pneumatic rear wheel. Note: The wheels of the Leo are now black.

As the lightest standing wheelchair in the world, this latest version Leo II has a lot of great features beyond your imagination!

It is scientifically proven that regular standing can prevent health problems associated with “long periods of sitting on wheelchair” including:  Prevent and cures bedsore, skin breakdown, poor blood circulation, muscle spasms and tendon shrinkage.  It also improves bone density, urinary health, bowel movement and more.  So a standing wheelchair not only helps you to gain independence and self-confidence, it also improves your quality of life!

Please note some general requirements of a Leo II standing wheelchair user:
  • User needs to have strong finger grips to press the levers at the armrests to release the actuator during sitting or standing position.
  • User needs to have upper body strength and needs palms and arms strength to handle his/her body weight to sit and stand. 
  • User needs to have adequate lung capacity for exercising up and down on the wheelchair.

Watch how the Leo II can smash limiting beliefs and allow you to dominate.

Check out a Leo user using the standing wheelchair at the gym.

The Leo's backseat can fold, so that it can be stored in a smaller space:

Also, the rear wheels have a quick release system, meaning you can remove them easily so that the wheelchair can have a smaller footprint for storage.

Why BUY the LEO II Standing Wheelchair:

  • Proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanisms to prevent muscle spasm during stand-up/sit-down movement.
  • Total operational weight of 27 kg (59 lbs), decreasing to only 21.5 kg (47 lbs) after detached both front and rear wheels by quick release function. The backrest can be folded for easy handling and storage during travel.
  • Multiple adjustable parts (Seat depth, backrest height & footrest height and footrest angle) to fit different body sizes and needs. Angle adjustable footrest helps to stretch your calf muscles and tendons during sitting and standing exercise.
  • Polyurethane rear wheels suspension for better riding comfort over rough surfaces.
  • This full aluminum alloy standing wheelchair is very stylish, and also made of top quality materials and workmanship to meet the highest safety & durability requirements.

Note: you cannot stand and move the Leo II at the same time.  Only one function at a time.


  • Equipped with Rear Wheels Suspension by Polyurethane blocks to provide more comfortable rides.
  • The footrest angle is adjustable to stretch the calf muscles and tendons as the user stands up.
  • 2-year international warranty


  • Upon receiving your order, we will send you a measurement form to fill out so we can build this wheelchair according to your exact specifications
  • Some measurement examples are height, weight, hip width, thigh length, shoulder height etc.  If thigh length/seat depth is greater than 20", there may be an additional cost.

Product Specifications:

Seat Width Choices 14", 16″, 18″
Seat Depth (Adjustable) 18″, 19″, 20″ (there may be an additional cost if this value is greater than 20")
Seat Height 20.5″
Total Width 16″ / 18″ 25.8″ / 27.8″
Total Length 40″
Total Height (Adjustable) 33.5″ – 37.4″
Backrest Height (Adjustable) 13.8″ – 17.7″
Footrest To Seat Length (Adjustable) 17.5″ – 20.5″
Travel Weight – 16 ” / 18″ 21.5 KG / 22KG
Total Weight – 16″ / 18″ 27.0 KG / 27.5KG
Packing Size – 16″ / 18″ 100X63X60cm / 100X67X60cm
Front/Rear Wheels Quick Release


Note: The wheels of the Leo are now black.

Warranty Information:

  • 2 Years Parts Warranty (except wear and tear)

Kindly note this is genuine Leo II wheelchair.   Beware of knock-offs that sell for a lot lower.  We are Authorized Dealers for Wheelchair88 and only sell the genuine product. 

We provide customized measurements for every customer that orders this item, and also provide technical support and after sales service on all wheelchairs.


Customer Reviews

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Erik H. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Leo II Standing Wheelchair

The chair was delivered promptly and was very well packaged - no damage to package and content. The chair is well designed and well built - high quality parts and craftmanship. It is a bit heavier though than expected. It functions well, especially with the support hydraulics. Only part that is a bit annoying are the front triggers to the armrest that has to be adjusted to bring the chair in an upright position. The front triggers don't work very well. Otherwise the force needed to bring the chair upright is minimal. Overall a very nice chair.