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PET 500W Electric CARGO TRUCK Trike Tricycle Scooter

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The PET Electric CARGO TRUCK Tricycle Scooter is an innovative way to move yourself, your friends and your stuff around without a car!

It can be used as an alternative to much heavier electric mobility scooters, and is perfect for fit or the handicapped.

It is fully electric, no pedal assist. The sides fold down so it can be used as a flatbed. 

Note:  This cargo truck does not need to be licensed as it does not exceed 15mph.  The battery charger is portable and just needs to be plugged into a 110V socket.

~ The PET 500W Cargo Truck is on 🔥~

  • Part scooter and part truck the Cargo Truck is perfect for work and play
  • Three wheels make it stable enough to haul passengers or cargo
  • This unit is a direct drive with one low gear for hills.
  • Top Distance of 18 miles on a single charge
  • Top Speed of 15 mph on a single charge
  • Holds up to 550 lbs! 
  • The battery can be removed.

Product Specifications:

  • Max Speed: Up to 15 mph (25 km/h)*
  • Single charge: Up to 18 MILES (30 km)
  • Max capacity: 552 LBS (250 kg)
  • Net weight: 395 LBS (179 kg)
  • Tires: front tire 16*3.0 , rear tire 16*3.0
  • Power control: Pure electric
  • Motor Power: 48V / 6500
  • Motor Type: DC brushless
  • Battery Type: Lead_acid battery
  • Battery capacity: 48V 20Ah
  • Charging time: 6-8h
  • Voltage: 110V-240V 
  • Shipping Weight (with the pallet): 530 lb


  • Overall Dimensions:   108" L x 36" W x 52" H (256 cm L x 85cm W x 123cm H)
  • Cargo Bed Dimensions:  3 feet x 4 feet – depth is 4’4″


We adhere to this shipping map. Red states= West Coast shipping price. Blue and Green states= Middle shipping price. Yellow states= East Coast shipping price.


  • PET has a 3 month full manufacturer's warranty on batteries and tires.  

You can view the owner's manual here

Cargo Truck Assembly:

This Cargo truck come with all parts needed for assembly.  Some of the parts are placed under the seat.

Cargo Truck Maintenance and Assembly Videos:


The assembly instruction for Cargo truck.

1. Take out the Cargo truck from the frame.

2. Take off the carriage and all boards.

3. Place Cargo truck on a flat surface, take out the front fender and front wheel, then assemble them well. And then assemble the front brake cable.

Note: Need to assemble a spacer and two washers on left side of front wheel.

4. Assemble the handlebar and instrument.

5. Assemble the shift lever. Take off two bolts and nuts firstly, and then assemble the shift lever and fasten it with two bolts and nuts.

6. Assemble the carriage. Put the carriage on the frame. Firstly assemble two bolts in the back of the carriage with wrench provided.

Note: Do not tighten the two bolts too tightly.

And then connect the rear lights well and gas spring.

7. Assemble the head board, side boards, rear board and arm rest.

Note: When assembling the head board, firstly assemble two bolts on the front, and then assemble two bolts on the side.

When fastening the bolts, firstly fasten two bolts on the front, and then fasten two bolts on the side too.

8. After installation and before driving, please open the switch(A).

Others instruction:

1. Speed switch

1: low speed

2: high speed

3: middle speed


2. Gear shift:  The new Cargo truck has two gears, high-grade and low-grade.

The new Cargo truck has two gears, high-grade and low-grade. 

When climbing and very difficult to climb, you can stop the Cargo truck, and then change the low-grade to climb.

Note1: When changing the gears, you must stop the Cargo truck.

Note2: When stopping the Cargo truck, please pull the hand brake.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Donna C. (Brecksville, OH, US)
My new favorite garden helper!

I’m a 72 year old gardener, with an acre and a half of gardens to maintain. I’ve had both knees replaced and both shoulders repaired. I started daydreaming about an electric bike with a dumping trailer that I could scoot around in and found the Cargo Truck on Upzys website. It was delivered faster than I expected. This machine comes only partially assembled and the Instructions on Upzys website are laughably inadequate. Looked for better instructions or a video, to no avail. My husband was not confident we could figure it out, but I was persistent and by the end of a day, we had it assembled and running. Assembly tip - Switch A is located under the drivers seat! I’ve been using it for a week and absolutely love it! Acceleration is controlled by twisting a handlebar, and I’m still having trouble with the bike jerking as it starts to move. My lawn is pretty bumpy and my hand sometimes moves the on accelerator when I hit a bump. Hopefully I’ll get used to the movement as time goes on. Love the storage space under the seat, the fact that the side and back rails on the bed fold down so a large object can be placed on the cargo bed, and that the body can be dumped. If only there was an electric lift on that bed, it would be perfect. This bike was designed for a little person, as there’s not much leg space. I’m 5’2” and 120# and it’s just right for me.

Thanks for your review Donna! Regarding the instructions, we have updated our product listing to reflect more assembly information, and also make sure that a manual is included with your trike. We agree, the ample storage space is really great! Regarding the height, we have many taller riders (taller than 5'2') that ride this with no problems. Perhaps that's something we can advise on? The dimensions of the trike are:

Cargo Bed Dimensions: 3 ft x 4 ft - depth is 4'4' (Manual tilt bed)
Carriage Size: 130 x 90 x 30 cm (51.2' x 35.4' x 11.8')
Product Size: 250 x 100 x 127 cm (98.4' x 39.4' x 50')

Any questions, feel free to email Thank you Donna!

Johana M. (San Bernardino, CA, US)

PET 500W Electric Cargo Truck ZD Tricycle Scooter

Rosalba P.

That is the most fantastic inversion I have done. We all love it, including my neighbors!
Thank you so much!

Fantastic Rosalba! Glad that you and your neighbors love your PET Cargo Tricycle! Thank you for ordering from us, and happy riding :)

Cherry M. (Houston, TX, US)
Great scooter- lousy instructions

We love our scooter! We are seniors with a 1/2 acre lawn. We anticipate making great use of it. However, we had a dickens of a time putting it together! The instructions were so poorly written we had to make numerous phone calls to UPZY. We really appreciate the help we got from them. We couldn't have put it together without their help.

Thanks for your great review Cherry! We're so glad you're loving your PET cargo truck. We agree, the manufacturer instructions could be a little better, but we're glad that we could help you put it together. Thanks and happy riding! :)

Scot (Knoxville, TN, US)
The pet 500 cargo truck zd

Is this road legal ?

Hi Scot, please shoot us an email at and we can answer all your questions for you. Thank you :)