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Replogle 10" Globe 4 Kids Blue Ocean Illuminated Desktop Globe with Augmented Reality App

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The Replogle 10" Globe 4 Kids desktop globe features a 10-inch blue ocean illuminated globe with 125 illustrations including people, places, and animals mounted on a silver plastic base and semi-meridian.

The overall size is approximately 13.5-inch H x 11-inch W x 10-inch D.

The Replogle AUGMENTED REALITY Globe App - Use this fun and educational AR globe app to make your Replogle Globe come to life with 3D interactive Illustrations and information. Click on the panda bear and hear his/her growl and learn about where they live, how long they live, and what they eat. This is just one of the hundreds of pieces of information that you can learn about playing with the exciting Replogle Augmented Reality App.

Easily download the app to almost any smart device and learn exciting and interesting facts about every country in the world.

Your globe can also now show you 3D illustrations of animals, dinosaurs, landmarks, and more.

Categories of interest featured in your Replogle AR Globe App include;
Animals \ “Dinosaurs \ “Landmarks \ “Countries / “Climate / “Solar System / “Aero Space

Download the app, use your device to scan your Replogle Globe, and start to explore!

Product Specifications:

  • 10" Blue Ocean Illuminated Kids Globe
  • Silver Plastic Base & Semi-Meridian
  • 125 Illustrations including People, Places & Animals
  • Makes Great Nightlight when Illuminated
  • 13.5"H x 11"W x 10"D
  • Weight 2.2 lbs
  • Model 12534

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