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Solowheel FAQs

1. How far and how fast can I ride the SOLOWHEEL?  

You can ride the SOLOWHEEL for approximately 10 miles at 10 mph on a single charge.   

2. What kind of battery is in the SOLOWHEEL? 


The SOLOWHEEL uses a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery with a lifespan of more than 1,000 cycles.  

3. Is there a weight limitation? 

The maximum weight load is 220 lbs.  

4. Is there a warranty?  

Yes, the SOLOWHEEL has a limited one-year warranty.  

5. On what type of terrain can I ride the SOLOWHEEL? 

The SOLOWHEEL is stable and easily operated on numerous types of terrain such as; asphalt, concrete, gravel, grass, dirt, and more.   

6. Where is the SOLOWHEEL developed and manufactured?  

The SOLOWHEEL was invented in the United States, but it is developed and manufactured in China.   

7. How long will my SOLOWHEEL last? 

Generally the battery has a typical lifespan of approximately 1,000 cycles even though the SOLOWHEEL itself lasts much longer. 


8. How safe is is?  

When ridden properly, the SOLOWHEEL is a safe and fun way to commute. With a powerful motor, the SOLOWHEEL provides excellent self-stabilization properties for riders even on and over various types of terrain.  

9. Is there a minimum age one has to be to ride the SOLOWHEEL? 

Yes, it is recommended for ages 15 and older. 

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