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3G Bikes

“My passion to design, build and sell innovative bicycles has driven me for decades. Let me share my story and show how I can help you grow your bike business.” --- Gary Silva

I am a second generation bike shop owner who literally grew up in my dad’s bike business. My teenage years were spent living and breathing bicycles. In the 1980’s, I opened my own bicycle shop. A lifelong devotion for providing a quality cycling experience allowed me to successfully open store after store. By 1992, I operated 7 very successful bicycle shops in South Florida. My success has always been rooted in cutting edge design, which still drives me today. Equally important is my dedication to customer satisfaction. I own several patents on bicycle design, including my 1998 “chopper” concept. I wanted the chopper to have a completely different look so I invented a frame that placed the bicycle crank in front of a bicycle seat post. This unique design not only looked great but it created additional riding comfort. I called this concept “Foot Forward Geometry.” Along with stylish lines and ape handlebars, the chopper was a bicycle design game changer.
In 1999 I started Phat Cycles. At Phat Cycles, my cruiser designs received global attention. Phat Cycle cruisers had an innovative look and were very popular beach bikes.
Along the way, Italy and Germany were just a couple of the many countries I have visited to learn how to engineer a solid bicycle product. I also lived in Taiwan for 5 years to increase my knowledge in bicycle manufacturing and assembly.
A few years later, in 2003, I designed the first “stepper” bike. The stepper was the first seat-less fitness bike on the market and is still regarded as an industry leading model.

2003 was also the year I started 3G Bikes, which is where I am today.

Innovative design, unique features and awesome accessories, I will provide for you, bikes that will build your customer base and contribute to your bottom line business success. The quality bicycles I build today at 3G Bikes are top of the line. The materials, the manufacturing process and even the distribution are all overseen by me to insure a quality end product. In fact, I guarantee the frame for the life of the customer. I take great pride in my bicycle building success. Yet I have also experienced many hard times. I have been at the very top and at rock bottom. As a result, I am keenly aware of the challenges a bike shop owner must deal with on a day-to-day basis. The trenches of bicycle shop ownership have taught me a lot. I promise you, the bicycles I sell to you and you sell to your customers are fun, comfortable and unique. 3G bikes are not sold through multiple channels. 3G dealers are carefully selected so that we may establish a strategy and build our business together.


Upzy (formerly known as Super Scooter Store) is proud to be Authorized Dealers for 3G Bikes.  We sell their products at unbeatable prices and provide platinum customer service to all our customers.

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