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Afiscooter USA Afikim S4 Breeze Four Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

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The Afiscooters USA Afikim S4 Breeze Four Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter is winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.  It offers an impressive driving range, an ergonomic design to make the ride more comfortable, a programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen and LED headlights. 

The Afiscooter S has a fully adjustable tiller and an integrated canopy for protection from sun and light rain.  The Afiscooter S has a fully adjustable orthopedic seat and a shock-absorbing steel frame.  The 4 wheel model suspension and steering systems provide a pleasurable car-like driving experience on long distance trips.  

The Afiscooters USA Afikim S4 has all the comfort and safety benefits of the AFISCOOTER S family, combined with excellent maneuverability and unrivaled ease of steering.   It offers a perfect travel experience on regular roads as well as narrow paths.

The Afiscooter S4 Full Size Four Wheel Scooter is available with a standard or wide seat, as well as standard wheels or wide rear wheels. 


Watch the Afikim S scooter in action! 

Watch a review of the Afiscooters S scooter!

Product Specifications:

Overall Length
65" 165 cm
Overall Width
27" 68 cm
Wheel Width
35" 88 cm
Overall Height
Without canopy 49" 

With canopy 65"

Ground Clearance
With batteries 342 lb
Without batteries 238 lb
With canopy add 26 lb
With wide wheels add 22 lb
Travel Range
28 mile
Weight capacity
450 lb
Maximum Speed
9.3 mph
Electromagnetic brakes: When the throttle control lever returns to the centre/stop position the scooter will stop automatically.

There is a handbrake connected to the right rear wheel.

Max. climbing angle
Turning radius
Tires type
Pneumatic (Air filled, Foam Filled not Available)
Tires size
Front 4.1/3.5X6"
Rear 3.5X10"
Battery type
Two at 12V 73A/h
Power unit
Rear Wheel Drive  24V DC motor
Metallic Silver / Blue / Dark Grey 


Testing Standards
Afiscooters are designed with driver safety in mind and according to international standards. Afiscooters are certified for CE-12184 in Europe, FDA approved in USA and hold ISO 9001-2000.

All Afiscooters are covered by extensive warranty for a minimum period of one year. The warranty policy must also reflect the local rules and regulations.  Please contact your local provider for specific details.


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