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Go-Ped KNOW PED Body-Powered Push Kick Folding Scooter

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The Go-Ped KNOW PED is a body-powered push scooter crafted for adults.  Created in 1997 and inspired by the original Sport gas-powered scooter, the Know-Ped has all the design features of the Sport without the motor.

Handcrafted from the same high quality aircraft grade materials that all Go-Peds are made from, the Know-Ped is strong, durable, foldable, and portable.  It stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction.

Why BUY This Kick Scooter:

  • Frame And Fork Warranty- guaranteed for 2 years against factory defects and workmanship.
  • Made In USA- Highest quality control and inspection before the scooter is shipped out to you.
  • Easy To Fold- You can fold this scooter down and carry this around with you everywhere!
  • Weight Limit Is 400 lbs- robust and sturdy!

Check out the Go-Ped Know Ped kick scooter in action!

Product Specifications:

  • Deck 9"x19"
  • Handlebar Hight
  • From Deck 35"
  • From Ground 38"
  • Overall 34"x14"x38"


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patti L. (San Mateo, CA, US)
Way fun!!

Perfect timing for nice weather! Bigger tires make it for a smooth ride. I’m 5’4” and the handle bars are comfortable. Good fun as an adult! Just ordered a second one.

Thanks for your awesome review Patti!!

Heather W. (Henderson, NV, US)
Go Ped Kick Scooter

These are the toughest, most practical, durable, all around scooter you can buy. We have many scooters: 2, 3 wheel, four xootr scooters, 4 different models, chain driven, bicycle type, mini types etc. Xootrs are faster on smooth pavement, but the Go Ped is the toughest and handles more varied terrain. My handicapped son rides his Go Ped kick scooter for hours on end (for the last 10 years)... it calms him....( he is 30 years old). He hasn't been able to wear out his Go Ped. We bought another one to keep at our vacation house for him. Shopping at at UPZY was convenient and hassle free. Delivery was fast. The price was great and the scooter was brand new. We will do business again with UPZY. Highly recommended...both the Go Ped and UPZY.

Thanks for the awesome review KW! We agree, Go-Ped scooters are super tough and durable! We're so glad your son is enjoying riding his Go-Ped. Happy riding :)

Go ped kick scooter

I love this scooter many adult neighbors smile at me as I Cruze down the street
Only dislike is the connection that swivel s to fold is a little sloppy for my taste
Otherwise I always try to buy USA made
Would do it again

Rachel M.
Love the scooter

I’ll admit that before I bought this scooter I had no previous experience with scooters or skateboards, I use it for school and in comparison to the fragile looking scooters my classmates have, I call it the “mad max” because it is so sturdy and looks like it can roll over any crack in the sidewalk. I am still very cautious about it but I am enjoying the learning curve. The only issue I have with it is I cannot adjust the height of the handle bars but that’s not really a huge issue.

Allayne M.

I've had a Xootr in the past, about 8 years ago, before it was stolen. I loved that smooth, fast scooter, but where I live now the roads are rougher asphalt and bumps and cracks, and not as appropriate for the smoother wheels. Riding jarred my brain and jiggled my teeth, so I returned it. I researched for a month before deciding on the Go-ped Know-ped and ordered it. I was sometimes literally jumping up and down in anticipation of my new Know-ped, and when I finally received it, the scooter was everything I had imagined! The hard rubber tires leapt over bumps and cracks and even curbs without a problem, it is very stable, doesn't slide, and I LOVE the big wide platform for both feet, since I am ambipedal. It is super fun and durable, and made for adults! My boyfriend and I think all the other smaller platform scooters make adults look silly, but he said not this one! I'm too busy rolling everywhere to know if I look funny, but even my 70 year old friend had to try a little glide on it! I am so pleased that the same rough asphalt is MUCH more acceptable on this scooter, although I can still feel the bumps, it does not seem like my teeth are going to rattle out of my head.
Superscooterstore was very patient with me, and had very pleasant, responsive customer service. When the scooter was finally put together, it shipped so fast! I'm very pleased and will definitely buy my companion kick scooter from them.