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Lunicycle (Original) by Inventist

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Let's face it, learning to ride a unicycle is hard. Inventist has already invented the Solowheel, allowing people to move around on one wheel with ease, but what if you want to move under your own power?  Do you really have to spend months or even years training to ride a unicycle to get the same experience?  Not anymore.  Introducing the all-new Inventist Lunicycle.

The Lunicycle is much easier to learn than a traditional unicycle.  No seat means you are not required to relearn general balance, and with the low hanging pedals leg motion has much less impact, and the wheel's custom design allows for easier continuation of standard rotation.

Learn how to ride the Lunicycle!



Customer Reviews

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Boston S. (North Bergen, NJ, US)
Not happy so far

I am a pretty good unicyclist I even once rode my unicycle for 5 months throughout a few countries in Europe and I'm finding it extremely difficult to learn how to ride this lunicycle and it seems there was no tips or instructions included with my order or even any link to sites where I can possibly can get some help.
If I can't ride this within the next few days I might try to return it if it's possible. it's not as if it even looks used because I've been using it on the carpeted floor in my basement and have kept it from flipping out from under me and hitting into anything to cause any damage. If you can link me up with any site(s) that will give some instructions/tips or even email me some helpful hints I would appreciate it.
As a side note I taught myself to learn to ride a unicycle in a week and that was over 30 years ago and I can still ride it. (I can still picture picture myself with a slice of pizza in one hand and a beer in the other and going up and down curbs and rocking back and forth on crowded sidewalks in Paris) so needless to say I was pretty good and I can still ride my Uni. I guess for me it's similar to the old adage "once you learn how to ride a bicycle you never forget. LOL

P.S. okay I had originally sent the above review saying there was no instructions and then I noticed that indeed you do have instructions. I I happened to glance at them on my phone right after I sent in my original review and honestly I must admit I had thought since I rode a unicycle I didn't need to look at instructions because, before I made my purchase I had read some reviews that said it was easier to learn than riding a unicycle
and my attitude was I didn't need instructions.So I guess I'm guilty of contempt prior to investigation and I apologize.
It's late now but I'll look at the video instructions over the next couple of days and try to learn
following the instructive video. I do not like giving up so hopefully (indeed most likely) I'll be back to...