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Performer Goal-X 26 Rear Suspension Recumbent Bike

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Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of this recumbent.

The Performer Goal-X 26" rear suspensionĀ recumbent bikeĀ is an unparalleled recumbent bicycle with a terrain-absorbing coil spring front fork for superior suspension.

This model is specifically for taller riders and comes with either tillerĀ steeringĀ (Above or Overseat Steering) or under-seat steering USS.Ā  You can choose your steering options in the dropdowns above.

TheĀ front wheel and rear wheel areĀ bothĀ 26ā€³ disc.

To view thisĀ bike with front 20" and rear 26" wheels, you can click here.

Why BUY This Performer Recumbent Bike:

  • Top shelf components-Ā Shimano, SRAM and Microshift components.
  • Versatile Multiple build options-Ā 18-Speed, 20-Speed and 22 Speed to suit your needs.
  • Great styling-Ā at an affordable price.

Please note that this is a custom built-to-order product.

Read the Performer Goal-X 26 Assembly Guide and Manual (with warranty information)Ā here.

NOTE: The Goal X models ride best with tiller steering.

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    Watch how to assemble the Goal-X recumbent bicycle.

    Product Specifications:

    Wheel Size

    Bottom Bracket Height

    Seat Height

    Seat angle-from Horizontal

    Top of seat

    Top of Headrest







    Wheel base

    Average weight/kg

    Rider's weight limited

    Rider's height/cm




    14.6 kg

    110Ā kg / 240 lbs

    above 170cm


    5 Years


    Build Specifications:

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    • Metal Frame:Ā  5Ā years from date of purchase
    • Non consumable parts and components:Ā  1 year from the date of purchase (excludes tire, brake and shifter cable, grip, crankset, cog and chain)

    OSS (Above or Overseat Steering) vs USS (Underseat Steering)

    OSS Pros:

    • Lower Price:Ā Ā Less expensive to design and manufacture
    • Shorter Learning Curve:Ā Ā More intuitive for first-time riders
    • Easier To Mount:Ā  Gadgets and Computers

    OSS Cons:

    • SomeĀ usersĀ may find it a little tiring to hold up arms after extended riding

    USS Pros:

    • Comfortable:Ā  Easy to ride and control
    • Great Visibility:Ā Ā From rider's perspective.

    USS Cons:

    • Higher Price:Ā  More expensive to design and manufacture
    • Higher Learning Curve:Ā Ā For some riders, may take a while to get used to


    To find out if this trike is a good fit for you, you can measure your X-Seam.Ā  Instructions found below:



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Robben L. (Madison, WI, US)
    Performer Goal-X 26

    Order form did not quite reflect current available parts, and was asked to pay a little more for the cassette upgrade. Estimated ship time was almost spot-on, and I received precisely what I ordered. Very happy with the purchase!

    Thanks for your great review Robben! Yes, due to the current worldwide parts shortage, there can be some specific parts that may be replaced by another, but they in no way affect the performance of the bike. We also make sure to communicate with our customers transparently if this does happen. This is a temporary and one-off thing. In the future when the parts shortage is resolved, we will not run into something like this :)

    A K.M. (Sacramento, CA, US)
    Purchase of 1 x Performer Goal-X 26

    During times of a COVID, ordering from anyone but Amazon is a crapshoot. Iā€™ve been burned by one online order and still waiting a month for another order. Upzy was a very pleasant surprise. They informed me early that shipments were delayed, but kept me informed throughout the process. They notified me when the bike was built and when it was shipped. I was able to follow daily on a map the bike from when it left the factory, to the flight, the trip oversea, when it arrived in the US, to when it was delivered. Upzy really came through. The bike shop that assembled it indicated itā€™s a very nice quality product, ā€˜a rocket.ā€™

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind and thoughtful review A K! Our team here at Upzy has really been trying our best to deal with the large volume of online orders during Covid times While it's a challenge sometimes, our top priority is to always keep our valued customers happy. So we're really pumped that you're happy with the entire experience! Yes, your bike shop is right, the Performer Goal-X really is a 'rocket' and we stand by this fantastic recumbent bike. We hope you enjoy riding it for many years to come! :)

    Robert V. (Virginia Beach, VA, US)
    6 Month update

    I have my review below and thought I would post a follow up 2500 miles later. So far everything is holding up and wearing in. Not one flat on the Michilen Proteks to date and very little wear on the treads, The drivetrain is still going strong, but I guess I should have kicked in the extra money for the improved setup because that Deore derailleur is getting finicky to tune. The finish is holding up great with a few dings showing, but there should be more for all I put it through. One point for those looking to buy is to beware wrap around bottle cages, the suspension will cause them to rub on the finish of what I guess I would call the chainstays. stick with the simple ones that go under the bottom of the bottle and come back up, I've yet to shake a bottle loose with those anyways. As for comfort... wow, I could not imagine before that I could spend so much time on a bike without aches and pains, I completed a century a few weeks back and didn't come off the Performer for the first 84 miles, and that was just because we had to take a ferry to the final stretch. Even then I spent most of the ferry ride sitting upright on it, it's an all-day machine. So far the only upgrades to it have been some clipless pedals and I am discovering that the headrest leaves a bit to be desired. I am thinking about sourcing some ventisit material and making another one, the stock one does the job, but it can be better.

    Ok, downsides... The luggage rack, it is fine for some light panniers or a trunk bag, but if I was looking to tour, I think a trailer would be in order as a more substantial rack is out of the question because of the suspension. You're kind of stuck with the one that comes with it. It's usable, but I would not go over 15 - 20 pounds max on it. The tie-rod for the USS steering is an underperformer and I plan on replacing that with something more solid. I've had to tighten and adjust it a half dozen times already. Past all that, it is a solid, fast and fun recumbent.

    Patrick W. (Adrian, MI, US)
    Performer Recumbent

    Very nice bike. Easy to assemble if you have some knowledge of road bikes. Underseat steering takes some getting used to. But required for my arms. Still fine tuning. Turning takes time, no sharp turns. I am 6' 1" and had to cut 4 inchs off the boom. So it would handle someone really tall.

    Robert V. (Franklin, VA, US)
    Everything I was looking for

    I wanted a short wheelbase recumbent with USS and stumbled upon Performer. After a couple of months of coming back to this particular bike, I pulled the trigger and missed. I accidentally ordered the 26/20 but Upzy was very accommodating in getting me straight. 3 and a half weeks later the bike was in and very well packed. I was repeatedly surprised as I pulled the contents out, I hoped it would have the cargo rack as pictured and was not disappointed, but it also had fenders and a usable kickstand, which was a problem I thought I would have to solve considering the build of this recumbent. Touch up paint, an extra inner tube, spare QR skewer, extra derailleur hanger all were included. The finish was perfect and the components were of decent quality. I do my own wrenching and, as I did not receive any instructions, that was a benefit, but with enough research on youtube anyone can get this bike together. It does come with usable tools to put it together but the process is easier with a good set of tools. One thing it didn't have was a hacksaw, and with an x-seam of 46 I didn't think I would need it, but with the boom fully inserted I was still about a centimeter away from comfort. I had to take an inch off to get the fit right. Once on the road and after a couple of miles of getting used to being so laid back (my other recumbent is a long wheelbase RANS with fairly upright seating in comparison), it smoothed out was a very comfortable and fast ride. It tended to be a little bouncy in the suspension and I will try running the chain over the idler like others have recommended before looking into changing the spring out, but beyond that, it is everything I was looking for in my new recumbent for about half the money I had budgeted.I may just spend the other half on a trike, and I will doubtlessly get it on Upzy, highly recommended. Thanks guys!

    Hi Robert! Thank you very much for your positive and informative feedback. We greatly appreciate it, and we're so glad that you're enjoying your Performer bike. Feel free to reach out to us again if you need any further assistance :)