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Triaid Terrier Hitch Folding Special Needs Tricycle/Trailer Combo

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Tricycles are made to order and take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The Triaid Tricycle/Trailer Hitch Combo Unit is a complete tricycle for your child to ride individually or attached to an adult bicycle.


The Frame Folding Mechanism, Option Drive gearing system, and extra handlebars (Basic or Loop) are included in the Hitch Combo tricycle.

The Option Drive combines the features from both a Fixed and Free Wheel Gearing system.
The gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger when the child is riding on their own.
When the tricycle is attached to the adult cycle the Option Drive allows for the gearing to be converted into a free wheel gear.

All accessory items used on the individual tricycle will work when tricycle is in the hitch form.
The hitch is attached at the frame folding mechanism.
This keeps the child from having to pedal as the adult pedals.
They can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Triaid trikes add contemporary design, comfort and safety to enhance a child's strength, self-esteem and FUN.
Triaid trikes' stability is built into the frame with a low center of gravity and a broad wheelbase, helping to prevent tipping.
An adjustable steering stop is another stability feature the Terrier offers to help control the turning circle of the special needs tricycle.

Why BUY The Terrier Hitch Tricycle/Trailer Combo:  

  • The front section is easily removed.
  • The front section detaches at the frame folding mechanism. 
  • There are two knobs which are easily loosened and the front section of the tricycle is removed. 
  • The trike can then be attached to the extension bar for joining the tricycle to an adult's bicycle.

To Measure: inside leg measurement crouch to floor To Measure arm reach have child make a clinched fist

TERRIER 16" Wheels
45" 29" 16 1/2" 21 1/2" 14" 17" 100 lbs
TMX 20" Wheels
59" 29" 20" 25" 19" 22" 130 lbs



Options Available in Dropdowns Above:

Adjustable back/trunk support: 

  • A broad wrap-around back support with waist strap which has vertical and horizontal adjustments.
  • The broad upholstered support gives extra stability to younger children.
  • A pelvic strap can be added for more pelvic control.

In-line trunk support: 

  • The ultimate trunk control system. This unit provides trunk and pelvic stability and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • It has a padded back pad, two curved lateral supports, waist strap and pelvic strap.
  • The lateral supports can be independently adjusted in height and width and can swing-away for ease of transfer.

Footsandals C/W pulley system:

  • Positions and retains the foot on the pedal by means of webbing straps and durable jam lever buckles.
  • The pulley system acts to ensure that the pedals remain in the optimum position to pedal.

Leg Calipers: 

  • Locates into a footsandal bracket and can be used individually or in pairs.
  • It helps to prevent abduction and abduction by supporting the riders leg below the knee in a padded cuff.

Wrist supports:

  • Enables riders who are unable to hold onto the handlebars to steer the tricycle.
  • The support controls the hand position which in turn helps to provide the rider with better trunk stability and head control.

Push/pull Control Pole:

  • A guidance pole which can be located at the rear of the tricycle or at the front to enable steering.

Contour Saddle:

  • This large saddle is contoured to help tilt the pelvis to stop the rider sliding forward on the saddle. 
  •  The contoured shape holds the pelvis in a good position and the raised front section helps to abduct the legs to stop scissoring or the coming together of the knees. 
  • Its anatomic shape means that rider sits more into the saddle
  • The seat shape angles the pelvis to a better riding position
  • Its broad which again gives good pelvic stability.
  • There is a raised medial section in the seat that acts in the same way as pommel by helping to abduct the legs slightly.
  • Shaped so that it provides better seating position & much less likelihood of sliding forward in the seat. Best used in conjunction with standard or padded pelvic straps.

Both styles of trunk support (Basic Adjustable Back Trunk Support and In Line Trunk Support) can be used with the contour saddle.


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