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‚ƮԳŹ CYBER MONDAY Extended- Free Shipping + Extra 6% Off Any Item (code 23BFCM6)- Ends Fri Dec 1 @Midnight
‚ƮԳŹ CYBER MONDAY Extended- Free Shipping + Extra 6% Off Any Item (code 23BFCM6)- Ends Fri Dec 1 @Midnight

2023 X-Treme Trail Maker ELITE 24V 300W 7 Speed Lithium Electric Mountain Bike

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Original Price $ 1,199.00
Current Price $ 525.00

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  • ZERO RESISTANCE GEAR REAR HUB MOTOR-¬†If you want to ride without power, you will feel zero resistance in your legs while pedaling. ¬†This is a HUGE improvement over Trail Maker¬†motors used in the past 12 years!
  • NEWLY STRENGTHENED PACKING-¬†We listened to customer feedback and are packing this bike in reinforced cartons, minimizing the risk of shipping damage.
  • BATTERY UPGRADE FROM 8 AMP TO 10 AMP-¬†more power for greater distance riding.
  • ALL UPGRADED PARTS-¬†Seats, grips, brakes, tires have all been upgraded.

The X-Treme Trail Maker ELITE 24V is a Lithium powered electric mountain bicycle finished in Aluminum or Black.  It has a 300 watt rear hub motor, a removable lightweight Lithium battery pack, 7 Speed Shimano gear system, ALL Aluminum frame and wheels, hydraulic shocks and off road tires.  This x treme Trail Maker e-bike replaces the XB-300Li.

The LiPo4 lithium battery pack is lightweight, compact and mounts to the frame under the seat and is hardly noticeable.

The Trail Maker 24V now comes with an upgraded MOZO brand hydraulic forks.

~¬†Upzy ‚̧ԳŹ¬† The¬†X-Treme Trail Maker ELITE ~

  • Excellent¬†Manufacturer's Warranty-¬†12 Month X-Treme Warranty on parts/components against manufacturer defects.
  • Powerful 300 Watt Motor- enables you to ride¬†along with little pedaling effort
  • Ride up to 20 miles and reach speeds up to 20 mph- on a single charge
  • Bicycle is super light-¬†but can support a body weight of 350 lbs
  • No driver's license- and no registration with DMV required
  • Great for the environment- ride without guilt
  • Costs less than $1- to charge overnight!

Electric Bicycle HARD FACTS:

  • Energy Efficient-¬†Electric bikes consume energy¬†at an average rate of 100-150 watts of electric energy, compared to 15000 for a car (the car does travel faster of course).¬† Imagine a 100 Watt light bulb burning continuously through the night- that is enough energy to propel an electric bike for 40 miles. ¬†¬†
  • Cost Efficient-¬†An electric bike typically costs $0.05 to run per mile, while a car can cost up to $0.50 per mile.¬† You can drastically reduce your costs by choosing e-bikes over cars.¬†
  • Green-¬†When an electric bicycle replaces a car, it offsets 1460 grams of carbon monoxide, 1550 grams of globe-warming hydrocarbons, and 770 grams of nitrogen oxides for every 500 miles traversed.
  • Fitness-¬†A recent survey found that 33% of electric bicycle¬†owners ride their bike at least once a day and 80% of them ride at least once a week.¬† Only 10% of conventional bicycle¬†owners ride their bike once a day and 45% of them ride once a week.¬† These percentages confirm that owning an electric bike compels you to use it more, hence enabling you to exercise more.¬†

Product Specifications:

300 Watt
Motor Type:
Brushless Hub Motor - Motor is in center of rear wheel
Gears & Speed's:
7 Speed Shimano Tourney¬ģ Gears & Shifter
10 AMP Circuit (7 Batteries at 10 AMP's each)
24 Volts (Each Battery Is 3.6 Volts)
7 - Lightweight Lithium Batteries In A Sealed Removable Pack
Tire Size:
26" x 1.95" on Aluminum Wheels
Smart Charger Included
Tool Kit:
20 MPH
15 to 20 miles per charge - can still pedal if charge is lost
Throttle Type:
Variable Speed Control - Twist Throttle - or - Pedal & Power Assisted - or - Turn Off Power & Pedal Only
Frame Type/Size:
100% Aluminum - Very Light Weight / 18"
MOZO Hydraulic Forks
Braking System:
Front and Rear Disk Brakes
Drive System:
Rear Hub Motor (Motor is in rear rim) + Pedal Power
Head Light
LED Light Included
Wheel to Wheel 72" - Width 25" - To Bars 37"
Adjustable Seat Height 34 3/4" to 39"
Carton Size (LxWxH):
58 x 11 x 30 inches
Shipping Weight:
63 Lbs
Bicycle Weight:
52 Lbs (Including the light weight battery pack)
Maximum Rider Weight:
350 Lbs
Battery Indicator:
Cargo Rack:
12 Month X-Treme Warranty on parts/components against manufacturer defects
Lifetime Warranty:
The Frame Is Warranted For Lifetime
*depends on rider weight & terrain

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Patrick B.
Love the bike

I love this bike. However, I had a few complaints. 1 - The instructions are horrible, 2 - One tire tube was shipped with a leak (had hole in it), 3 - no instructions how to assemble the rack in booklet and 4 - a couple of nuts were missings to complete installing the rear rack. X-Treme did mail me a new inner tube and the nuts. But I didn't want to wait, so I went to Walmart and purchased an inner tube repair kit for ~$2+. Once the issues were resolved and I began riding the bike I LOVED IT! If I didn't have these issues, it would have been 5 Stars.

Robert B.
Fantastic E-bike..

This review is for the 2018 Trail Maker Elite.. I bought this Ebike in late Oct. 2017.. It was my 1st Ebike venture.. This bike is Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y throughout. I have been dealing with mountain bikes since 1983, so I'm pretty savvy when it comes to components, frame construction, suspension details, etc. However, electronics on bicycles is another matter (motor/watts/volts), but I will learn as I go. I was absolutely blown away by this Ebike. The ONLY "downside" to it is the lack of more power if you need to deal with lots of ups and downs (hills/mountains/etc). I have also posted a review on the Amazon website titled " "A very long review about a Quality E-Bike" by "Bobster" on Oct.30, 2017. There is also a review posted on the X-treme Sedona (2018 model) on Amazon: "A very nice e-bike indeed" by "Bobster". (Dec.5, 2018). The Sedona is my newest purchase.

Robert J.
So far looks like a good value...

I have had this bike for about a week, and so far I am happy with it. I finished assembly with the online tutorial, and thus far quality and power seem good. Wendy at Upzy was helpful in answering questions leading up to my purchase, and Upzy had the best price I could find for this model. I will need to update review after riding the bike for a couple of months. So far I am pleased with the purchase...

Arthur H.
Excellent bike!

Love this bike, came on time! Great deal and great service as well!

Susan S.
Awesome bike!

I've owned for about a week and I am extremely pleased. I found myself several times having to restart my ride in the middle middle of a hill. The bike gave me enough power the restart with ease. Direction manual could be better
; however, customer service was great! Definitely recommend!